I think ive already lived my life once before

My name is Alan and my whole life i have had a slight sense that everything has happened before but earlier today i realized a possible reason towards that

i dream a lot and when i dream i see slight bits of my life that i haven't even lived and earlier today my mom told me i often blabbed about someday meeting this girl Ashlynn and we would date and get married

well now being 20 and engaged to a beautiful woman named Ashlynn i feel that my life was already lived once and if i could remember any other details of my future i could use them to help myself and others

if anyone wants to help me explain this i'm note even sure if i can call it an anomaly but any help would be gravely appreciated
thank you anyone who reads this and goodbye

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  • It's a glitch in the Matrix.

  • Try doing research on 5D, the Higher Self and Destiny.

    If you are looking for a place to start, try looking up Montalk, very good source in my opinion

    Cheers on your Journey of Discovery

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