I told my friends that my 24 yr old boyfriend still gets spanked

So as you guys know I am Jane (25) and I get to watch Billy my bf (24) get his bare bum spanked my his mom. Somone in here said I should tell all my friends and the other day we was at a party with my friends and he was been is rude so I though f*** it why not !! I told them all what happened and they teased him all night !! When I told His mom how rude he was , she had him stright over her knee with a hairbrush across his cute little bare bum !! I even got a picture I shared with my friends!! Xx

Aug 28, 2019

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  • It does sound like you need one !! And why not your mum? I don't care, I think it has done wonders for his behaviour

  • My wife has an open p**** with stretched p**** lips and when she bends over with her short skirts in public everyone sees inside of her. She is always wet as she wants me to f*** her before she goes out. We had a business and before she went to the bank she would j*** off to a girlie book, then pee, then have me f*** her a second time, and then go out without wiping herself.

  • Why have you posted this on my coment

  • Youre a b****

  • Why am I ?

  • Relax bit ch

  • I was the one that said tell his and your mates bet he feels really embarrassed now everyone knowing

  • Good for you jane

  • Anymore updates?

  • Yep the silly boy has had his pants down twice in the last 2 days !!

  • Wow who by ,I bet he's a laughing stock everyone knowing do u enjoy that?

  • His mom ! I haven't spanked him yet. He was cheeky to his mom and got him slef grounded last night and it bed by 6 !! His little f**** was nice and red by the time she had finished !!

  • He got his mouth washed out with soap as well !

  • Wow to have your mum spank you and mouth soap him at his age

  • I know, the thing is he totally deserves it !! If he didn't act like such a child he would be fine. And to have me watch is even worse for him

  • So your still his gf then even tho everyone knows what his mum does to him?

  • Yea course he still loves me and besides he knows he deserves it.
    His mom is just strapping his bottom as we speak after she found ciggerates in his jacket

  • Well yes he loves you and I'm glad his mom has no spanking and strapping him as long as you know others will talk about him and think it's so funny at his age

  • Well lad he wasn't so naughty it would not happen
    Ha your very intrested

  • I am I find it fascinating that a guy gets out over his mum's knee at 24 lucky him I say lo!

  • I think it should happen to more guys

  • How old are you

  • So do I I'm 28

  • So you don't think I'm too old for a spanking then jane? Lol

  • Well as Billy knows you are never too old! Sounds like you need a good smacking. Bless him the poor boy is currently having a bit of corner time with his freshly spanked tush on display !!!!

  • I probably do Jane but def would not be my mum lol.I love the fact you and his mum don't care who knows poor guy

  • It does sound like you need one !! And why not your mum? I don't care, I think it has done wonders for his behaviour and it's his fault really for the way he acted

  • Well if it works for you that's great but I know my Mum wouldn't do it

  • If you want a wider audience Jane you should film him being spanked by mum then post it on Facebook then all family and can see

  • I think that might be a bit much, you ll have to ask your girlfriend for a spankjng then !!

  • I get plenty from her like the thought of mum watching lo!

  • I hope she turns ur butt bright red !! It's billy why are you so intrested in my spankings !! They hurt you know

  • Hi Billy I know they hurt I'm so interested cause your 24 and I've not known of anyone that she stil over his mum's knee that must b so embarrassing but also everyone else knowing how do u feel about that

  • It's so embarrassing every one treats me like a little kid. I wish Jane hadn't said anything. I don't know which end is redder when she is watching. I think I am too old for it

  • I bet u wish Jane hasn't said anything,did u ask her why she did? Yes you are too o!d to be spanked that's why I'm intrigued by it all poor you I think I should suggest to Jane to put you in pantyhose and panties next time mum spanks you lol

  • Please stop asking it's so embarrassing to talk about !! - just F*** OFF

  • Hello this is Jane. Firstly no pantyhose, from BIllys mother , this is for punishment not perversion. Secondly I am horrified at what Billy just posted and there will be consequences

  • I should think so Jane let me know what happens

  • It’s Jane here .... he still gets it !!

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