Please tell me people are trolling

Not a confession but on this site i've seen people discuss there sexual fantacies involving minors and even toddlers. Like please tell me you're kidding and now just f****** disgusting



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  • I want to be delivered a daintily giggling beatdown by a delicate 14 year old girl who can't really hurt me-- but who hates me with a gleeful, chipper coldness.

    Just saying.

  • I hope they’re trolling because I agree. Many fantasy’s on here are disgusting.

  • Try one aged between 5 to 7 yr old girl. They love being fingered in the p**** and would examine your hard c*** with interest. I have been fingering my niece's p**** for nearly a year and stretched her hole using lube. I have taught her to m********* me stroking my c*** using lube. She allows me to lick her p**** now and gets ecstatic. I am going to teach her how to give bj. Works for us fine. May be I will wait till she is ready to receive my c*** in!!

  • I'm sure most are trolling. Assuming this is the only way I can sleep at night.

  • It's absolutely hilarious seeing all these comments. First, OP, yes. There are that many people out there who have these types of fantasies and actually act on them. That's the way humans have always been; a lot like squirrels, finicky, a little bit crazy, and always looking for a nut. Second, why the h*** are you people still getting into arguments and being all butthurt over other people's comments? You do realize you don't have to take what others post to heart? Sheesh.

    We're so screwed. Humanity is going to destroy this planet and everyone on it. You're all literally a bunch of retards. And that's saying something because I'm not even that smart.

  • You people make me laugh. You come here and read the stuff that others write and get angry. Don't read it or reply, it''s just that simple. Your nuts won't get twisted that way. I like Granny p**** too!!

  • Uhh, NOPE. If cretins are free to misuse a confession site to spew out their recurring messed-up fantasies, the rest of us are free to comment on it. Too bad that puts YOUR tiny little nuts in a twist. Want a cookie?

  • Trouble is some idiots may think all this is real, and pretty much typical behavior, and decide to try it themselves, and land in jail. Yes, you can end up in JAIL if you actually try a lot of the things described on this site.

  • I worry about that too.

  • Just think how many more brain-damaged MGTOWs there would be roaming the streets if it weren't for this site, because that's the overwhelming majority of the serial posters here.

  • For DAMN sure!

  • I like this site. I can say what the f*** I like. I can swear and no one will punish me. I can say how I feel. I can b**** about people at work. I can voice my fantasies. I can be sexist. Racist. Politically incorrect. I can say the truth or what I believe to be the truth or I can live in fantasy land.

  • Pretty sure truth and fantasy are permanently mixed for you, Tex. Bless your poor little heart.

  • Sexual fantasies are normally taboo but there is a difference between what is fantasy and you would do in real life.

  • I truly believe these pedophiles are real which is disgusting!

  • I agree, its disgusting and way too common on here.

  • Firstly obviously people are "trolling" BUT don't forget this is a fantasy site. To me "trolling" is where a person posts a post on a serious site like a parent advice side or a political discussion site. People make posts to garner a response of anger.

    This site is so full of fantasy that to me the concept of trolling does not fit.

  • "Trolling" is often the term fired at someone who dares bring a measure of honesty, truth, or differing opinion to a conversation clearly marinating in group delusion. Happens all the time. People TREASURE their delusions, above all else.

  • It's a shame that it is so full of fantasy. This is a confession site, not a fanfic site. Clearly some people either can't read or are too ill-bred to care about the difference.

  • Totally agree.

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