Im turned on bu older men

I am a straight guy in my 20's and just recently found out that I get turned on my the idea of a 50-60+ year old guy to just take advantage of me. I still love women and cant stand younger men, Im just interested in f****** an old guy.

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  • Your ok if you choose your men right. Guys in classy bars who dress nice are usually the ones to hit on.

  • Then you're NOT straight. You're a closeted f**. Grow the f*** up and get your head straight. Leave your wife before you give her faggy STDs.

  • I know what you mean. I fooled around a little with an older neighbor when I was a kid. I'm in my early twenties, married and getting f**led by an old guy and his boyfriend. They live in our condos and the younger one is in his 30's and he's way more than adequate. The guy who I'm crushing on, his partner is in his 60's and all he has to do is get touchy feely and I cream in my underpants. When he gets aggressive and sticks it in me I wiggle and pant like a school girl. I never thought that a c*co in my @as could feel so good.

  • Yeah, you know what he means because you're a f** and he's a f**. There is literally no such thing as a 'straight' man who is sexually attracted to men. There are only pathetic closeted f*** and f***. All of which are mentally ill, genetically flawed and sexually retarded. Get a clue, 'honey'.

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