Bra Opening Training

OK, i Will tell you what me and my at that time best friend did when we started and during puberty. I can't say how or who had the idea doing that but I once stole a bra from my sister and then we took it to my tree-house and we took turns putting it on. I was kind of our size because my sister was a little older though but she was a tiny girl. but enough background. we trained to open a bra with one hand and the best would be, doing it passing.
The first times we did we tried at gardenparties my sister did. It wass not very successful but we got some good findings and we learned. It was hard work over months but then we were proud of what we had learned.
On the next party, it was the confirmation of my sister. we started doing it. The first on who we did it was my aunt brigitte. she was always bad to us boys and we did not like her at all. My Friend did her, because he was a bit better with is fingers at that time. He passed behind her and as most of the guests she had a white blouse with a white bra under it. he quickly opened the closure of her bra and her t*** fell down. and the nipples were good to see for all. It was such a fun. And it was hot to see.



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  • I love the silky exotic feeling wearing a bra and quickly reach hard-on. In that case I reach for a pair of used panties to smell and m********* wrapping it around my throbbing c***!!

  • Wearing my first bra at 14 yrs made me h**** like h*** and I started fingering my p**** till I reached climax!! This continued for several months!

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