I Love Em Both

Ille try to keep it simple. I have 2 girlfriends. I had been dating one girl (girlX) in one state for about 4 years. We moved and i ran into a girl (Girl B) i had Talked to in the past. We ended up dating also (yeah i know its f***** up). I end up dating both of them for about 5-6 months before i told 2nd girl that i was moving back. I never really moved back i just wanted to stop cheating on girl X. So 5 more months go buy and me and girl X were doing good. But for some reason i began to think about girl B. So i txt her. Also i forgot to mention i completely ghosted girl B (yea its f***** up i know). After i began talking to girl B again we got back together immediately.

This is honestly not to brag on myself ive figured put a great system to not caught, perfect excuses and answer for every question or situation.

With all pf that being said. I truly love them both. I love girl x to death we have been through everything and have enjoyed each others company since the day we have met. We both know we can depend on each other with out a doubt and i would so anything to take care of and protect her

Girl B and i also have a bond like no other we have been through many rough times and have been there for each other every step of the way. No matter how much we argue at the end of the day we will say i love you and hold each other.

Both of there families have accepted me and adore me.wtf do i do

Sep 6, 2019

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  • You're asking for relationship advice from a clutch of MGTOWs and pedos??
    It's like you're the poster child for bad life choices.

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