Addicted to Pain

Since I was a small child I would wear hand me down cloths that were too small. I hated it because my belly was always hanging out of my shirts. I would get made fun of all the time for having on too small clothes that showed my big belly and belly button. I remember being in the second grade and I was talking to my teacher and she kept trying to pull my shirt down in front of the class and My shirt kept rolling back up. I went to camp and the first day at camp the kids were making fun of me and my clothes. I had on a matching short set that showed off my entire belly which was stylish for the time period that I grew up in. However the kids didn’t like seeing my round belly and I came to realize that having an outie belly button was not the norm even though everyone in my family had outie belly button. There was one bully in the camp who came up to me and started calling me “big belly” and it hurt my feeling the way the kids laughed when he called me that. I went over to the toy house and he told the kids if you press this big button (my belly button) the door on the house would open. He pressed my belly button and it went all the way inside my belly but the doors to the house never opened. He did this throughout the summer.

I had cousins who loved to pick on me. They would always poke my belly, give me pink belly’s, and tickle me against my will. I remember one day they locked us in a bed room while they gave me the meanest pink belly I ever had. Then they tried to have the dog attack my belly button. The dog wouldn’t do it so they put some peanut butter on there and the dog went at my belly button until the peanut butter was gone. I remember the warm feeling from the dogs tongue and the wetness I felt while begging them to get the dog off me. I remember the feeling of being humiliated because I couldn’t do anything to stop them or the dog. They always would pick on me because I was young and had small clothes.

This leads me to today. I have been in a relationship with someone who loves my belly and belly button more than me. He loves for me to showcase my belly went we go out. He loves when I have on a shirt that exposes my big round belly. We went to an amusement park and walked around, I had on a crop top to show off my 50 inch round belly. The looks we got are out of shock and astonishment. People looked and laughed at me, kids pointed at me, I even had people make comments to us.

When we are at home he makes me “give him my belly” and that’s is when he does whatever he wants to. I love when he caresses it, tickle it, play with my belly button. He has become infatuated with my belly button because of its size. My belly button is as round 3 inches wide and meat inside on my belly button is shaped like a ball and it sticks out 2-3 inches. He loves having his friend look at my belly button and he tells them to touch it. They touch it because it’s “weird” looking to them. But it also turns me on that they are touching a place on my body that is so vulnerable to me. One thing that turns him on is when I go to the doctor, he loves when the doctor examines my belly and belly button for hernias. He loves watching the doctor press on my “protruding navel” as the doctor calls it. My man has started doing something new, he has started biting my belly button. He has me lay on my back and he opens his mouth and places it on my belly button. He will bite it and use his tongue to tickle the top of the belly button. He will bite it hard because he gets so into it that he went overboard and I ended up in the ER. Talk about embarrassing! I’m laying flat on my back in the room with doctors coming in and out to examine my belly button bites all the while my man is enjoying every bit of it. I know I was the laughing stock of the ER. But mentally it was a huge turn on to me. Now I’m addicted!



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  • Fat b****

  • Well I would be in the same position as your man to love sucking on ya navel and everything

  • The belly person..... Again. Welcome home.

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