I am having flashbacks to the summer of '75

I guess that now that I am 69 I am thinking of the all the dumb stuff I did in my life. Financial mistakes, drove 100 miles an hour, flipped the bird at a supervisor and got fired, I survived this long because I got married and my life was no longer mine.

In the summer of 1975 a classmate of mine from Juneau Alaska convinced me that we should go up there for the summer and get jobs on the pipeline. Any jobs, they paid well and we would make some money and be back at school in the fall. He got a job on the loading dock at one of the warehouses and I got a job as an assistant in the radio shack. I got the night shift.

My job was basically to answer calls, route calls, and maintain a log and the supervisor came and went during the night and checked in on me about every hour or so. I ran into him in the restroom and he butted up to me and said 'that ain't no c***, this is a c***' and he turned me around and kissed me. His hands on both of my shoulders he pushed me down into a kneeling position and told me to 'show him respect and suck his c***'.

His hands on my cheeks he shoved his c*** against my mouth and grabbed my nostrils and I had to open my mouth and he slammed his c*** in my mouth and told me to suck him and show him why I was a sissy boy. His c*** in my mouth was transforming, it felt good in the most dirty way you can imagine, he shoved in and out until he got tired of that and stood me up and told me to hold onto the washbasin and let my pants down. With soap from the washbasin he fingered my ass and stuck his c*** up against me and shoved it in. My memories were of sheer l***, a dirty terrible form of pleasure.

I became his f*** buddy and during the summer I sucked his c*** and gave up my ass to him. In my log book I kept a little mark to count the number of times he f***** me. Somewhere in those files is that log book with all those little marks inside the back cover. That was my summer, probably the riskiest summer of my life. I put the whole thing on the back burner of my life and got married, raised a family, worked for an E&C company and retired after forty years. But of all of my adventures, life experiences, getting married, losing my wife to cancer, what I go back to when I am alone is thinking of that summer and what it would be like to suck a c*** another time, I close my eyes and I can 'feel' him knocking against my butt and his c*** in my ass.

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  • When I was fourteen (in 1972) I was raped by three brothers, one made me suck his c*** while the second f***** my ass and once both of them had c** in me their older brother forced his 10 inch c*** down my throat. I choked and gagged on it, almost throwing up, but eventually found myself liking his c*** in my mouth. Then he f***** my ass and after I got over the initial penetration I really enjoyed what he was doing, so much in fact that I shot my wad. I've been f***** up the ass and sucked c*** many times since then, mostly at parties with my wife. She really got off watching me with a c*** or two in me, and I liked it too. It's been over 25 years since I took a c*** into me, but I look back at those years fondly, and I still get to f*** my wife's awesome ass.

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