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I'm married male in early 40s my wife has been a cheating b**** I met this really beautiful lady at work she's been going through somethings too we hit it off and really treat each other like king and queen should I divorce my nasty wife and move on with my coworker which I have fallen in love deeply with



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  • Yes divorce that dirty s***. shes probably got lots of diseases that you dont even know about.time to cut your losses and move on.

  • I divorced my wife when I realized she'd been giving me sloppy seconds for years, and I married a very nice straight-laced lady from our church. Less than a year later, Wife Two proved very boring in the sack, and I wished I'd never let go of Wife One. Learn from my mistake and let your wife have her fun.

  • If you quit her you will regret it because you will never get another woman with skills like she obviously has. Don't do it.

  • I would not give up on her if I was you.

  • My wife became a hotwife about 2yrs ago and it was the best thing that ever happened in our marriage.

  • My wife and I tried hotwifing several years ago, and it was going really well until she met this younger guy and she left me for him. Big d***, lotta money, I guess I can't blame her, although I certainly do miss her. I've tried dating but nobody is as good as she was in bed.

  • Move on, be happy. Life is to short to be unhappy.

  • At some point you're going to miss having a wife who is so sexually active, and so totally aggressive. Right now, it seems like an embarrassment, but if you can find a way to allow yourself to be turned on -- waaaaay on -- by the fact that she's able to attract so many men and to pleasure them all, you will eventually love her far more. First, you have to acknowledge the simple and clear fact that there are women in the world who cannot be satisfied by one man, and then be proud of the fact that you managed to marry one of them. Stay. Keep her happy. Let her play. Give it a chance. You know she satisfies YOU, at a minimum, so do NOT let go of that.

  • I agree with ^this^. I married a club dancer and thought she had gotten all the stripper urges out of her. Then I discovered she was doing private parties. At first I wanted out. But slowly I started to be excited by what she was up to and the fact that she was capable for doing all that. Now, her lifestyle totally turns me on, and I know she won't be doing this forever. Give your lady some leeway and let her go for it.

  • Yea she's been a nasty b**** for awhile now I just had enough can't and won't do it any longer it's just stress and bullshit everyday sick of the lies she even sent a video of her sucking a guy d*** when I was out of town told me it was to make me stay away wtf I hate the s***

  • Once a cheater.. always a cheater. Unless you are still madly in love with your wife I would move on. Sounds like her mind has been made up about you.
    If you still have kids around that could complicate things. I say why not go for it

  • Dump that b**** you've got. And get after the colleague. Do it today!

  • I would start by divorcing your wife. Even if the affair at work does not work out.

    I tried to keep my marriage together but it just sapped my emotional energy and I got quite depressed. My wife too actually was not enjoying it and she left. We divorced and I feel so much more alive.

  • Live towards happiness vs bs & drama.

  • If no kids then why not move on? Without kids it’s just stuff you may lose.

  • Kids all grown now

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