I'm a 36yo guy, married 8yrs, with 2 kids (age 5 and 1). Never had anything other than hetero s**. Pretty bland. Two weeks ago I went to a gay bar with a friend of mine from work. He's gay but we've always gotten along and have a shared interest in foreign movies. I just went because he invited me though I had no curiosity about them or about the gay lifestyle. I just never cared. One of his "bar buddies" sat with us and we had several drinks while watching guys dance with each other. No big deal. My friend's buddy asked me to dance a fast song so I did that. Then we danced another fast one. Then they played a slow song and I stayed out with him just to be nice. At first we weren't doing anything other than just moving together. But then he started humping me and grinding on me and I could feel the size of his d*** which was ........ humongous. As he rubbed it against me I started getting hard and he could tell it. I tried to turn away and go back to our table but he held on to me and humped harder and grabbed my d*** (thru my pants) while he did it. When he cupped my b**** I came and he felt that. He told me he was taking me home with him and he was going to make me his b**** and a slave to that c*** of his. He did both. And so that's where I am now. I'm some guy's b**** and I'm enslaved to his magnificent c***. There are times now when I have to have him and nothing else will do. He did something to me but I don't know what.

Sep 15, 2019

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  • I'm still in high school and I'm kinda like a boy b****. A couple of guys who have been with me say so? Just cause I sleep with someone doesn't mean that I'm a boy b**** or a boy s***, at least I don't think that way. I just want to feel good and like making them feel good too. If they're making me really excited they call me a cute little s***?!

  • God help me but you sound wonderful and ive just been sitting here masturbating and thinking about how good it would be to get with you even though im older than you. i would love to make you feel good all over but expecially in certain places on your body. i bet you have a wonderful body.god yes i know you must have a body any man would love to get with.damn baby i want you. i want you now. damn baby.....

  • About six years ago, my wife had a male intern working for her at her job during the summer. During a July 4th office bbq party the kid basically seduced me and got me to suck his c***. It was my first gay experience. We kept at it hot and heavy until the next year when he graduated high school, but then he moved away to go to college. I miss him every day and wish we were still hooking up. I've been with other young guys since then but nobody is as good as him. He turned me and I can't go back. My wife has no clue.

  • You can't help it if you like the big d****. That's natural.

  • Totally true he will make you happy and keep you happy

  • I had a very similar experience. I was with a gay friend of mine at a regular (non-gay) club listening to a local band, and a friend of his walked up to us as we were standing at the bar waiting to buy drinks. He introduced us, and when I reached out my hand to shake his, he pushed my hand aside and put his hand over the front of my pants and started working my d***. It felt so good I couldn't stop him. He told me he knew what I wanted and he could give it to me, and he did. He took me to his house that night, and the minute he penetrated my ass, with only the tip, I knew my marriage was over. By the time he got it all in me all the way, I knew I was his property, and that I would be doing whatever he told me to do.

  • .....when you get your hands on a c*** that size...and it belongs to man who knows how to use it......and that man knows how to dominate you and control your life.....and hes willing to ruin your doesnt ever get any better than stay with him..........and do your best to keep him happy......and hard.....

  • I'm a newlywed and have another guy who's older, in his thirties that seduced me a month before I got married. I can't believe that I sleep with him and really enjoy it?

  • Wow that is really incredibly sexy! Is he married too? Tell us about how the two of you hooked up the first time, and how you've managed to continue the relationship. The fact that he got to you right before your wedding is one of the most romantic things I've ever heard of and I love the fact that you have stayed together and that you love him more and more all the time! Wow! WOW!!!!! Please tell more!!!

  • We worked together and he knew that my fiance was the only one that I had been with and he'd tease me about it. He'd tell me that I have a really fine @ss and for me to please my fiance that if I experienced the love of a man I would be a much better lover to my new wife.
    He invited me to spend the long weekend, a bachelor's thing and I jumped at the chance. His playfulness about my exceptionally hot boy's @ss that needs the attention from a man had me way too curious. I had an assortment of cute novelty briefs I'd gotten for my honeymoon and he got in every one of them. He had me panting like a first time schoolgirl and by the time my string bikinis hit the floor he was b**** deep into my virgin cheeks. It hurt and felt good at the same time. This went on through the whole labor day weekend. I was so boyishly submissive to him and his manliness.

  • I wish i was you

  • This guy was my first and he remains my only (it's what he wants and he's the kind of man who gets what he wants because he deserves it). Have you been with many men in your life?

  • I been with four men but the best was my older brother took me every night as we share a double bed f*** bareback

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