Wife destroyed

I confess that I saw my wife getting f***** by a guy at the gym. My wife and I go to the gym together but in this particular night I didn’t go it as kind of late and I was tired from work. I remember that I tough that she looked really hot when she went to the gym, she was wearing a cute really thigh leggings that make her little ass looked great. A little cute sport bra and a very fitted sport jacket. I always think that I satisfied her on bed. I have always feel not very confident with about my p**** size I barely reach 5 inches when erect and I’m not very tick either but I always managed to satisfy her. I changed my mind so I decided to join her it was late so when I got there I noticed that the gym was almost empty. I went inside and I saw her talking to this sexy tall handsome guy. I could see that she was filtering with him. I decided to hide to see was would happen next. I always trust her and I didn’t have any reason to think different. He was behind her showing her how to operate one of the training machines. He grabbed her by her tiny waist and then unzipped her jacket. I saw her little t*** were doble in size erected and her nipple were all up and hard. His hands start rubbing her gorgeous t*** at this point she try to stop him by saying I have to go, but he grabbed her from the waist and removed her head band, she moaned in a very sexual way and started kissing him very passionate. I want to intervene but I couldn’t for some reason I was enjoying it. He was wearing black tights she went down and and pulled his spandex tights down , his body was amazing, his c*** was huge maybe three times longer than mine and tick as a soda can, the shape of his beautiful c*** was perfect. My wife had a horror face probably she never seen a c*** like that. But deep inside her she want it so bad. She kept saying him to stop but keep going. This guy grabbed the from of her spandex leggings and ripped them on the front letting her crack uncovered. I knew by then that she was about to get pounded by a this sexy guy and his huge c***. He lifted her up against the wall and penetrate her like probably never before . I remember her saying that my c*** was so small and his was touching everything inside her. Probably she came immediately, her nipples were about to explode she groaned of pleasure. I saw his c*** coming in and out this guy endurance was amazing. I heard her moaning again because she came again. She was all wet in and out. He pulled out and I’ll never forget that c*** big fat c*** all wet in my wife juices. His c*** looked even bigger . He went back inside her my wife was crying of pleasure lost in this s** madness. He start pumping faster and faster until he moaned and finally came inside her I could see all that c** leaking out of her v*****. My wife took off and she can’t hardly walk and she has this happy face on her. Later I saw a text to this guy telling how great she got the best s** of her life and how insignificant my tiny c*** looked against his.

Sep 17, 2019

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  • S** is a pleasure that should not be hidden. how about threesome?

  • Your wife finally getting a proper f****** from a tall well hung man just as nature intended. She becoming a happy wife now. 👍👌

  • Tell her how much you like her f****** a bigger c***. Get her to let you eat the creampie. If your lucky you'll end up in a chastity cage and lingerie watching her get f*****

  • Advice (doesnt need to be taken but I recommend taking it)
    Divorce her and find someone more loyal and appreciative

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