Guys are gross

My friend and I went on a trip to Vegas, We had saved up some money and decided to just do it, We went on a 3 day trip and on the second night, Our last night there she hooked up with a guy, Hot, Hot guy but such a douche. Anyway we got in the elevator to go up to our room, She wouldn't do anything or go anywhere with him unless I was there so we decided to go back to our room as opposed to his because he was apparently sharing a room with 3 other guys and I had my period so I couldn't do anything even if I wanted to (I know, Dumb timing).
Anyway they were in their bed getting down and I was in my bed facing away, All the lights were out and I was pretending not to be paying attention to them but how could I not when they are whispering and giggling and then I can hear her whisper "Oh s*** you're big". So yeah, If you ever want to peak another girls curiosity whisper that, I rolled over and being Vegas of course there are lights everywhere and there was enough light outside our room that once your eyes adjusted it was easy to see everything, She was under the blankets but I could hear her slurping and sucking, He hadn't noticed me peeking but when he did he smiled at me.
She was under the blankets and he was motioning to me to pull my shirt up, I just shook my head no and he kept bugging me to do it so I showed one, He pulled the covers back and she was laying on her stomach, Stroking him and sucking his b****, I could see the whole thing and yeah, He is big, Just all around big, Long, wide, thick, big k***, big b****. I don't think he was black but darker skinned, Maybe Italian or something but man was he big, She noticed me and started laughing them covered her face and said "Heyyyy", I laughed and shrugged, She looked at me, Looked at him and then pulled his c*** down and opened her mouth wide, She put it in her mouth and started sliding up and down then looked over at me, Started working her head side to side, She slid down, Closed her eyes and slid further down, I was like "Ohhh?", she kept working side to side and sliding down and down, Even his eyes got wider as we both watched her, She damned near had the whole thing in her mouth and then pulled back, Gasped for air and swallowed then gasped again and we all laughed.
She did it again and I realize I was staring but holy, It was an impressive show, She got on top of him and then it was more her I could see than him but I could see she didn't have him in her and was sliding back and forth on the shaft, He grabbed her hips, Laid her down on her back and had their butts toward me so I could see the whole thing, His huge c***, His huge b**** and I could even see her vag, She reached down and grabbed his shaft, Rubbed his k*** on her vag and she was obviously very wet, He started putting it in her and she was moaning and telling him to go slow, He started going deeper and deeper with every stroke then went all the way and when he was about 3/4 of the way in she gasped and put her hands on his hips to stop him, He started doing her and I couldn't take my eyes off them, The way he was stretching her and she was moaning, She didn't last long and started shaking and coming, He kept going and she told him "Come for me, Come for me", He whispered something to her and she said no, He whispered to her again and she looked at me and said Take off your shirt, I was so horned up and didn't even think about it, I just whipped it off, I had shoved a pillow between my legs and rolled on top of it, I was so desperate to get off that I was grinding my hips on the pillow and he was watching me, She moaned "You have to hurry" He then pulled out and came on her stomach and b**** and she was obviously relieved but after he came he shoved it back in her.
He started pounding her again and sucking her nip while watching me, I humped my pillow and pinched my nip and then I started to come, I came hard and just as I was starting to come down he pulled out of her stepped over to my bed, Put a leg over me and squatted down with his b**** on my hip, I said "No, No, No" and he came again, Up my side, My back and across the side of my face.
I froze and was like "Ooohhh myyy goooood", He wiped his c*** on my back and squeezed my ass, I said "Get...The f***...Off of me", and went to the shower, I could hear them arguing outside the door and I got in the shower, When I got out he was gone and she didn't say anything but took the shower after me, When she came out I was just sitting in my bed angry and my heart was racing I was so mad, She apologized and I told her it was not even a little bit her fault. We went to sleep and the next day just did whatever until our evening flight, We can laugh about it now but what a stupid way to ruin a pretty hot situation and make neither of us ever want to do something like that again.


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  • Way over dramatic. Ratchet your drama down and you will enjoy life more

  • Just enjoy c u m your d u m b b I t c h

  • Now it’s time for you to go enjoy a thick 8” c***. Go have some fun and please report back

  • You wrote all this?

  • It did, give OP a cookie. Don't know about you, but I didn't read it. All I saw was yet another Vegas-themed textwall and knew it was going to be at least 95% bullshit.

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