There's a guy that comes in a lot and he's really douchey and wears a Trump hat with his buddy. He orders a macchiato all the time and every time I draw a p**** in the foam with the espresso. Hate gays? You slurp up that caffeinated d*** with ease.

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  • I'm gay and mixed race. My husband and I business has done far far better under Trump than under Obama.

    Single he is President we add 30 staffers to the team.

    Last year the firm made 8 figures in profits after taxes. And we paid the health insurance for all our 75 employees. We are based in San Francisco and 50% of the employees also gay.

    Under Obama we almost had to fire 22 of the employees. My husband and I only kept it going by not taking a salary for 2 years.

    The difference is every one in this company can separate politics from work.

    None of us feel we have to shove our gayness down people's throats. To us sexually doesn't define us. I just happens to be a small part of our lives whether we are straight or gay.

    Everyone should just do their jobs and keep family, faith and sexually at home were it belongs.

    There is no profit in being angry all the time, as most people are to busy to notice or care. They have their own problems.

  • I don't get it???

  • Nasty...i love you....

  • What has trump actually done bad against gays

  • Pathetic. #walkaway

  • You are a waste

  • PAB fanboi can eat a d*** too!

  • I know! I could be useful and spend my time cleansing the world of all the idiots like yourself, but that's "frowned upon."

  • You could start with yourself

  • "You could start with yourself"
    "You must be looking in the mirror"
    "You're jealous"

    I'll take Stupid Unthinking S*** Dumb People Spew Without Thinking to Make Themselves Feel Better for $100, Alex!

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