Caught by my sister

Had been secretly crossdressing for a few years, but was caught by my sister (16) crossdressing in her clothes when I was 14. We were close enough in size, her clothes and shoes fit like they were mine. I thought I knew her routine, but she surprised me in her bedroom one day. I wearing one of her dresses and heels with my hair in a ponytail and had used some of her makeup. I felt ashamed at being caught. She wasn't happy and had me take off her dress and heels and saw I was also wearing her bra and panties and seemed more amused than mad.

She had me go to her bathroom, and told me if I wanted to dress like that, I needed to do a few things first. She had me run a bath and gave me a girl's razor. I was confused as she handed me some gel and said it was for my legs and armpits. I was afraid to do it, but didn't feel like I had a choice in the matter, because she acted like it was wasn't a question and was going to happen. She walked me though shaving my legs and armpits and some other body hair until I was smooth. Washed my hair with her shampoo, blowdried and curled my hair, and shaped my eyebrows a more like hers, but not completely feminine.

She had me use girl's deodorant and dress back up in the bra and panties I had on and helped fill out bra better. She helped me put on some pantyhose and a slip, and then put the same dress on.

She put makeup on me telling me what she was doing as she did it and sprayed me with perfume. When she was done, I was amazed how pretty I looked. I looked like a real girl. The pantyhose on my shaved legs felt wonderful.

I wished I could stay like that, but knew our mom would be home soon. My sister told me I'd have to stay dressed like that and show our mom, but after lots of begging, finally let me change and get cleaned up before mom arrived.

I didn't go shirtless and wore jeans and sweatpants for a few days and took my clothes to the bathroom when showering to hide my shaved legs and armpits from my mom. I worried how long it would take for the hair to grow back.

Less than a week later, my sister told me it was time for my special bath. I objected, but she said if I didn't do exactly what she said, she would tell mom I had been wearing her dresses, heels, and makeup, and might mention to my mom's about my legs looking less hairy.

So I had to shave my legs and armpits many times and remain hairless like a girl for several months and had to do other things my sister wanted, like being dressed like a girl even when I wasn't in the mood to and doing her household work, until she finally grew tired of it.


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  • When I was caught by my sister going through and wearing her things, I had to start doing it all of the time. We are close in age, so her things fit me well. When I got discovered; I had to do like she did, pierced ears, make up, and the works. As we grew up, the practice continued.

  • There's nothing as sensual as dressing in silky lingerie. I have cultivated my feminine appearance ever since I was a youth. I knew I was gay after being seduced by one of the staff at our boarding school and I liked it. He had me dress in girly clothes for him at his private house on the school estate. He was very loving and gentle with me and loved buggering me when I was wearing little white nylon knickers. As my parents lived abroad I would stay with Mr Worboys during the school holidays. It was very naughty, he had me dressed in girly clothes most of the time, he was so randy, but I loved the silky feeling of the undies and especially the baby doll nighties, with their lace and frilly knickers he had me wear at night in his bed.
    Mr Worboys was the first person to make me c**, I was thirteen, he had me on the bed, I was kissing and sucking his hard c***, he pulled my legs up past his head and I felt his mouth go over my c***, he started to suck, well that was to much for me, I felt a sudden massive sensation in my b**** and c***, I was c****** and almost simultaneously I was swallowing Mr Worboys c**.
    That was the start of my gay sissy life, it is wonderful.

  • My sister caught me in her panties, she's cool with it and says that I look cute in them.

  • Yer my sister caught me dressed up in her new lingerie her long skirt and blouse, she was cool about it and said it was a turn on and I looked pretty, she let's me dress up any time but I have to help clean house in female clothing

  • I love yung boys wearing panties

  • Fbi open up

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