I love crossdressing

I've been crossdressing ever sense I was a boy. Call me Strider (that's not my real name). As a kid I received hand-me-downs from my older sister, call her Gazelle (not her real name). We were a poor family to say the least. I got all of her shorts, most of her skirts and some of shirts from her. Both parents didn't mind this at all.

I didn't mind this at all. My sister had nice tastes in clothing with the pink, purples, and blues. I would shift through her clothes to choice the ones I liked and got rid of the ones I didn't. I was called cute by random strangers at places. They said, "You have two cute girls." We did want to waste time explaining that I wasn't a girl.

When I turned 11 when finally had the money for separate clothes for me. I chose to instead stick mostly to the girls clothes I got use to. Not all of my clothes were girls clothes, but 2/3 were. When my sister tried on makeup, I joined joined in suit. I had to complete the look. When she had a bra, my man b*** needed support as well.

These days, I look feminine whenever I feel like it or when I hangout with my sister Gazelle. I would say I look. I'm obviously a guy, but one who likes to dress up definitely. My confession is that I've been crossdressing for a very long time. I love to crossdress.

Jan 19


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  • I love Cross dressing it's awesome

  • I don’t know what is dumber. The story or using the names Strider and Gazelle.

  • I think there just code names so you can talk about them in the comment section. There fake names of course.

  • My mom was supportive of my cross dressing. Started when I was in grade 1 and in a school play. I was a rat in the pied piper. costume was a brown tunic with brown tights. I wore it a lot around the house. I would sleep in them. As I grew the tights wore out. Over the years, mom bought me a nightie and white tights to sleep in. On one occasion we were at friends when I was 9 and they had a pool. I had no swimming costume and they only had girls. I initially resisted but mom said this is your chance you know you like girls clothes. I was super embarrassed but loved her. I was allowed to take the one piece girls costume home.

  • I was in a play too. I was in middle school. I was the main character's best friend. There was more girl parts than boy parts. My character wore a long skirt. I loved it. I had to learn sound like a girl so I could stay in character.

  • I'm a boy who wears one piece swimsuits too. My and my gal friends are always wear matching one to the public pool. My long wet hair and feminine complexion, made people not really ask any questions.

  • You wear bras? You have more confidence than I do. I wish I was brave enough to cover up these man b**** of mine. I don't want mine flopping around.

  • The word should be the plural b****, not the singular b***. The grammar of that sentence is only slightly off.

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