Sister flashed everyone possible

My sister knows all men are perverts, she's known this since a young age, it started with my older brother,she was 2 years younger than him,
And 2 years older than me, my bro Paul saw her as just a bratty little sis and hardly spoke to her at all.
Until one night, watching TV my sister in just a nighty laying on the settee, our brother came in and sat on the settee , she moved her feet up, laying on her back she knew Paul could see her bum, and she knew he was looking,
Paul was really nice to her that night,, she enjoyed the attention and respect she'd gotten and set about getting more.

She began to expose herself to Paul more often,

She would leave her bedroom door open, pretend to be asleep while showing her bare open legs to Paul, he always looked in, sometimes longer than others, she'd heard him wanking next to her a few times, she wanted him to touch her so much, one sat morning he was in her room, she was asleep and woke up to him kneeling beside her with his hand under the cover, she opened her eyes, he panicked and left, he was in the shower
She was gutted she'd startled him
Her dream nearly came true
She wanted him to do it again,
She decided to show him how serious she was about it

she kicked off the covers , she was completely naked,
She began to m*********, I could hear her from my room, I walked into the landing hoping to see something
I stood looking at her trimmed p****, I'd never seen one in real life before
She was rubbing her c***, while holding her lips wide open.

I watched for ages, as the bathroom door opened Paul saw me at Lucy's door, I moved away thinking he'd have a go at me, he just smiled.

Later he asked if I liked seeing lucy like that, he told me to get up early at weekends if I wanted to see more.

He was good to me, he taught me loads, he knew she wanted to be touched while fake sleeping
He said I should do that, I so wanted to but
I was scared she'd catch me.

He kept saying she would still act asleep if i touched her,

I wanted to but didn't have the courage,

I knew paul would help me if he could, I asked if i could come into her room with him next time, she'd never know who was touching her.

He agreed to this, which surprised me.

He woke me up on sat, Lucy was up and pretending to be asleep as usual, we heard our parents door open, our dad was off work that day!
He walked to the bathroom past Lucy's open door, Lucy was open legged her t-shirt was up over her hips, she couldn't see anything with the quilt gathered up around her top half.

Our dad saw everything, and when he came back he looked again, and this time for longer.

Paul liked dad looking at Lucy, I was a bit surprised, never thought dad was like that.

We waited a minute, then Paul left my room and standing at Lucy's doorway he whispered my name, I looked around my door, he waved me over, I stood next to him looking at my sister's soft pink skin, she was visibly wet , her juice shinning as it oozed out of her slit.

Paul said loudly, go on Rob, why don't you have a feel of her p****, she won't wake up, I felt sorry for Lucy, I thought how embarrassing it must be for her.

She still acted asleep, I liked this situation Lucy knew I was there and wasn't bothered at all

Paul told me to kneel between her legs and look closely at her p****, as I did this he reached down and opened her lips with the fingers of one hand, I looked at her wet gash, go on touch it he said, I stroked it up and down then pushed a finger inside, her Back arched as I did this, I liked seeing this so I kept doing it, Paul explained that the c*** is what grls rub when they w***, he told me to wiggle her c*** with my finger tip, as I did it she began to breathe loudly.

She's enjoying that Paul said, then he leaned over towards Lucy's head and said into her ear, Robert's enjoying it more than you I think.

He got up saying he doesn't want to see his little brother losing his Virginiity
He walked out leaving us there together.

Lucy still acted asleep, I felt embarrassed now, Lucy knew it was just me now, she layed still while I wanked between her open legs

I licked her soaking wet p****, I loved the taste of her juice.

We did this for years, I told her about dad having a good look, and she set him up one night and he wanked in her doorway thinking she was asleep.

She wasn't bothered at all, just happy that men are like that,

She still loves the thought of a dirty man sneaking into her bedroom to feel her up at night,
We are in our late 30s now, we are both happily married, she told my wife she always wanted to be molested, and she doesn't know why, it has always turned her on so much, but she's too ashamed to tell anyone especially her husband.

My wife was worried about her, I told my wife about her flashing Paul then me.
My wife loved hearing about me and Paul with lucy, she's always fancied him, and always joked about f****** us together.

She said Lucy was a lucky girl having brothers like us,

My wife ann told Lucy she knew what had happened between us siblings, she said she understood totally, and even found it quite exciting.

Now Ann wants to tell Paul that she knows our secret,


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  • If my sister flashed herself to me, I would have her in my bed a quick as a flash! I'd love to s*** my sister

  • I have always bin trund on by the thought of taboo s** message me on Gmail or Hangout if u r willing to tell me about it or show picks on if u live in ohio and won't to have 3 way or 1on1

  • Dad should have joined in and f***** her

  • I like showing boys all the cute panties I wear and it my brother mad but I don't care.

  • Would you show me your panties. I am a lover of women showing their panties. My email address is

  • I want to suck the crotch of your panties

  • You won't be the first....

  • Long ago when I was twelve a girl did this to me while she was sitting on a tree limb. She wasn't wearing underwear and she made sure I got a good look at her v*****. Kids do this.

  • Nice little c***?

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