Sister's boyfriend let me her out

My sister's first boyfriend was a dirty b******, he would offer me to sniff his fingers after he'd been rubbing her wet p****, I always took him up on the offer, I was still a school boy virgin, my sister was 2 years older than me, I'd often tried to see her p****, I nearly did one morning, I stood next to her asleep in bed, I put my hand up the covers between her legs,but she rolled over so I wanked by her face for a while, I was inches from her mouth when her eyes opened, I walked out her room in shame, but she can't have noticed as nothing was said.

Getting back to this boyfriend, he loved me perving over my sister and liked telling me about their s** life Infront of Lisa, my sis.

He told me what time to look through the glass above her door, so I got a chair and looked when he said.
He normally had Lisa on her back legs spread showing me her wide open p**** as he licked it.
I loved looking at my sister like this, and I did it loads

Then one Xmas he stayed with us, he had to sleep in my room, but was always sneaking into her room at night.

He told me hes been having s** with his older sisters, and that he licks his younger sisters p**** whenever he can, it sounded brilliant, his older sister's were beautiful, his younger sister was in my school, she was 12 and very pretty, he said she had blonde pubic hair and explained how it was growing, just some underneath and only a little bit above her slit.

I was really turned on by his stories of his sister's,
I told him about wanking over Lisa in bed and wanking in her knickers sometimes.

He said he'd let me join in with his sister's soon. He said he'd show me his sister's getting undressed if I got him some of my mum's knickers, I agreed and stole my mum's clean knickers for him to w*** into then put them back for her to wear with his c** in the gusset, he used every pair she owned, it was obvious what was happening and I thought mum will think it's me, he was asking me to let him see mum naked,
I hadn't heard any more about his sisters, and was fed up. so I said Id seen nude pictures of my mum and I'd show him in return for action with any of his sister's as he hed promised.

He promised to let me watch any of his sister's in the shower after school one night, he said they always w*** when and if see everything.

I said I'd show him mums photos after id seen his sisters showering.

He was desperate, and would do anything to see them.

He came in from Lisa's bedroom one night, hey you wanna taste some p**** he asked, yeah, but how? I knew Lisa wouldn't agree to anything like that.

Follow me he whispered, we crept across the landing to my sister's bedroom, it was pitch black in there, he shut the door behind us he knelt down pulling me with him, her desk fan was on and was very loud, he reached up and threw the covers back from her legs. She laughed lifting her knees up, I could see her bare bum cheeks and legs, opening her knees she asked if he was going to finish what he started, yes he replied, I want to finish by only using my tongue,

He pulled her to the bottom of the bed her legs were dangling off the end, he said let's do it like earlier, she lifted her heels up to her bum and let her knees fall open, I was right there between her legs I could smell her wet f****, it was so exciting being this close, pull the covers up over your head he ordered her.

She did this, i felt more relaxed knowing she couldn't see anything now.

I leand forward sticking my tounge between her lips and began licking my sister's p****, i put my tongue right inside her and f***** her with it, then I tried licking her c***, she went mad for more. I licked her for ages then her boyfriend took over, he lifted her knees to her chest and licked her from behind then he rimmed her bumhole, I wanted to try that, I moved nearer and he let me have another go, this time I licked her a*** hole too, it was amazing.

He let me out the room after that, I wanked myself silly when back in my bed

When he got back, he said he'd try to persuade my sister to let me f*** her one day

When they split up he told her what happened, she didn't believe him and said he was disgusting for saying something like that


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