My friend sells his body for children’s toys

I think my friend is being sexually intimate with other men for children’s toys. He has a strange obsession with toys he will go above and beyond to find his favorite toy or action figure during breaks at work he takes his obsession more serious then he does his work. He is 23 about 6’3 and a very heavy set guy the part that kinda bugs me the most is he always talks about never having money or getting enough hours but he is the cause of his own demise and blames it on everyone else, he leaves work early and when offered overtime he never takes advantage and he spends damn near $30 a day these toys. Like I don’t understand he is lucky if he hits 30hrs a week how are you getting these funds? Then he will talk my ear off about the newest funko pop coming out or Batman figures and talk about how there’d be worth so much but takes em out of the box to play with and sends our group chat cringe videos of him playing with em. I feel bad I really do I wish he could just take a good look in the mirror so he could see the stuff he does... he’s always coming to work the next morning with white crust around his mouth and complaining his back hurts to leave me thinking he’s selling his ass to adult men for toys I think he might be a power bottom I hope he isn’t doing that type of stuff I wish I could honestly tell him to stop but I don’t know how to approach the situation 😔

Sep 24, 2019

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