Unexpected bimmf

My girlfriend and I were kicking around the idea of a threesome. We placed an ad on doublelist . weeded out the old guys and creepers and we answered a guy about 30 minutes away . We met up at this really nice hotel , We got to the room and started chatting and before you knew it , we all got naked to get more comfortable with the situation.
The guy was about 20, nice body . I told him to rub his hands on my t***, he did and started to get a h******. It was about 7 , nothing crazy , and I had him stand and I sat in chair. I grabbed his c*** and stroked it all the while my bf was watching and was now hard. I asked him are you sure we want to do this,he said he's sure. So i leaned into him and licked his c***, then sucked it a little, and kept stroking it slow, I said to my bf nice c*** isnt it ? Beautiful,smooth ,hard.
He just looked at me and was watching me stroke it . I said you want this c*** too ? He said after a pause ,No . I pulled the c*** over towards where was sitting and said I want you to suck , now, for me,now . And with that I pulled the c*** to his lips,rubbed it on his lips and said,now ,and he sucked it for a minute and i said how was that? He said ok i guess. Then he watched this stud f*** me, and i told our guy not to c**. He pulled out of me and I told my bf to taste my c** off his c***. He licked it and put it in his mouth and sucked. After a few I said give me that c*** ,so i sucked it like a w**** .
He said he was going to c**, and in a few seconds,he filled my mouth a whole lot of c**, i then leaned over to my bf and tried to kiss him, but he pulled away, I grabbed him again and kissed his lips and passed c** onto them. He was a little p***** ,but oh well and swallowed. This was our only group s** so far. He said next time get a girl so i can watch you eat p****.
I have no problem with that i told him. This happened summer of 18 and is true

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  • Ugh ... I want to eat c** out of a p**** so bad

  • He'll get over it. I love to be kissed when my wife has a mouthful of c**, whether it is mine or someone else. I really prefer if it is someone else's, and sometimes she lets me suck a c*** to get it from the source.

  • Your so right on i love sharing c** with my wife and i always clean her p**** and suck his c*** to thank him

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