Two sides to every story..

For the past 10years of my life,I have been Catfishing my younger brother and I was getting paid to do this by my Step mother and his Ex was also involved.
Why I did this was due to him finding out my Dad killed his Dad,
For years my brother thought my dad was his dad but was not.
I also put girls in his life to f*** him over lol which they did,but then 5 years ago he met a girl 👎🏿..(This girl was a problem for me cause he found the truth out of what we done)I do not like her because previous years before I sleep with her Auntys boyfriend ,I got a beating for that 😂😂.
But the bigger picture is that girl got everything out of the closet .the drugging of him and all his cousins,the Raping of his cousins,also the Raping of children through the Gang I am associated with😔Yes it’s true I don’t give a f*** about any thing or any one..And now I am in hiding with my Husband(With a poo bag coming out of his stomach)n child.And a matter of Fact that guy I thought was my Dad is not😔😔It’s my Uncle who’s has died recently,but his kids f****** hate me since I was a child .Now my brother is the happiest he’s been in years but I am not I HATE MY LIFE!!
Lou Haira NZ

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  • 😮 I know her.Louise Haira-Sutherland.I knew she was unstable and doing drugs,but wow stooping that low to her hurt your bro(who I know )
    You need to go into a mental 🏥 before you hurt your CHILD or a member of public,your evil..EVIL WOMEN..

  • Oh my😞She needs help I mean lock her up and throw away the 🔑...Evil..

  • Your mentally unstable...a danger to children and society.....

  • Why were you born?Hoping your kids does not grow up like you,we do not need another Pyscho on the streets...

  • Wow What a miserable women you are ,I hope one day something terrible happens to you...Well knowing Karma she never fails🙃?.You are going to H***..

  • Your a hot mess, no wonder your a miserable human being.

  • Just spot on with this one.

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