My Parents... Divorcing?

This whole week my parents have been sleeping in different rooms and it has been worrying me so like any normal person i talked to my mom about it and when i asked what was wrong her response was NOTHING which worried me even more so i aasked if they were getting a divorce and she said you dont need to be worrying about stuff like that and when she said that all i wanted to say was ARE YOU F****ING KIDDING ME HOW AND THE H*** AM I NOT SUPPOSED TO WORRY?! YOU AND DAD ARE SLEEPING IN SEPERATE ROOMS WHICH YOU HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE AND WHENEVER Y'ALL ARGUE YOU SAY ALMOST EVERY TIME AFTER WE GET OUT OF THIS DEBT WE CAN JUST GO OUR SEPERATE WAYS... :( im really worried about my parents.... my mom says she wants me to talk to her more and when i do talk and tell her what is wrong she gives me BS like that. :(

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