MIL have my kid?

Been married to my wife for 3 years now and we really want kids. We went to the doctor and found out some s*** about my wife's eggs aren't right. I don't know, I didn't really understand what the h*** they were talking about, but the short and simple is my wife can't get pregnant. So my wife and her mother decided it would be a good idea if her mother carried our baby with her egg and my sperm. We went to the clinic and holly h*** it's f****** expensive to get that s*** done. So we said f*** no. I thought the subject was dead until my wife told me o should just do it the old fashioned way and f*** her mom. Now her mom is not bad looking, but we are talking about me f****** my wife's mother. That's just some strange s***. Not only that, she like 20 years older than us. So I told my wife h*** no and now it's my fault because we're not having a baby. She keeps asking me and has even asked her mother. Of course her mother is all on board with f****** me. So now I got both of them asking me all the time. I feel like I'm being pimped out to my mother in law by my wife. She even showed me her t*** the other day just to let me know how nice they still were. The whole thing is getting f****** strange. Especially when she grabbed my d*** last night and told me just to f*** her get it over with. Has anyone ever done this before. Do normal people really f*** their mother in law's to save money on impregnating cost?
If you all think I should do it, then maybe, but that s*** is just weird.

Oct 4, 2019

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  • You have a free pass dude.
    Take one for the team.

  • You should totally f*** her. You should work it out with your MIL that you purposely miss a few times to keeps things going for a while. Post updates!

  • If you don't we will duck her for you!!!

  • Dude, you have an opportunity of a life time. I'd f*** my mother in law in a heartbeat. The fact that your wife wants you to makes it even better. Not to mention the fact that you get to c** inside her and keep f****** her until you knock her up. You're honestly making a huge mistake if you dont follow through on this.

  • I too have seen Shameless

    But if you do go along with it, take pics and vids and sent them my way

  • My s k y pp e i annie price 123

  • Share the pics here bro!

  • How old is your mother - in - law? Would this be a high-risk pregnancy ? Would the baby be at higher risk of complications because of the advanced age of the mother? That might be a line of reasoning for you if she’s well into her 40s.

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