Payback on wife

When my wife (then girlfriend) who I will call K and I were in college we had a mutual friend I will call T . K would always innocently flirt with him but it wasn’t until I found a nude picture she sent him on her phone. She had messaged after saying “oops wrong person”, but he sent back an emoji with a blushing face. A few days later I was at T’s house, and found a used condom in his trash can in the bathroom. ( he lives alone). I got an idea and took the condom and texted K and told her to meet me at my parents house where I was staying during college .I knew my parents were not going to be home since they were out of town visiting family. When K got there I told her I wanted to try something different and put a blindfold on her and Undressed her. I had already put T’s condom in the drawer next to the bed where I keep my condoms and lube . I told K to lay down on her stomach and that’s when I told her I wanted to use some new lube that I got. I took the used condom out of the drawer and told K to reach behind her and spread her butt cheeks open. I took the condom and warmed it up in my hands then slowly dripped poured it onto her butt hole and watched it drip down over her p**** lips. I told her to reach under and work the lube into her p**** so she would be ready to go. I sat back and watched for a minute or two as she completely coated her p**** in our best friends c**. She couldn’t take it anymore and told me she needed me and I slowly entered her coating both of us in his c**. After a few minutes I couldn’t hold it anymore and pulled out and had her suck me until I came in her mouth . She went to the bathroom and cleaned up got dressed and left because she was off to an interview for a new job. She never knew that on that day I had used our best friends c** to “lube” her up for s**. She still has no idea to this day!

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  • Too bad you didn't get her pregnant with his j***. It would have made an interesting lawsuit and paternity claim.

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