Christian cults

The christian religion is completely made up. Christians cant see it but they worship a dead Jewish man. Then you have the trinity, the assumption of Mary, the resurrection. It's all too much for the human mind. what about drinking the blood of christ?? wow, unbelievable. There are so many christian sects because Christians lie to themselves, so they make up their beliefs every other day.....if you want any chance to think well and to live a descent life, stay away from Christianity otherwise you will fall prey to one of these christian cults...i'm not trying to be mean but someone in your life has to tell you the truth....

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  • It’s a little humorous but mostly sad to hear a stupid person that has no idea what they are talking about try to sound like they know more than the average person.
    In the first place, you poor stupid moron, Jesus is not dead. That is one reason why he is worshiped.
    And since you don’t know that, you wouldn’t understand the trinity, which preschoolers understand very well, and there is no need to try to educate you.
    You choose to believe religion is false, so, you better hope to he-ll you’re right.
    I’m not trying to be mean, but someone in your life has to tell you the truth.

  • Why are you so bothered about Christianity? Just live your life and don't give a s*** about it.

  • That's a limited view.

    Any philosophy, religious, atheist, whatever, is VERY mentally unhealthy, and correlated with insanity, when you make it extrinsic, meaning when you try to make others believe what you believe, argue it, push it on others, or assume they aren't as good or as smart because of what they believe.

    When you make it intrinsic, or when you live what you believe, and leave others to live their own beliefs without judging them, or feeling better than them, then belief systems are very good for you, be it Christianity, atheism, whatever.

    Christianaphobia is a real problem, and can cause discrimination. It's not as common a problem as racism, sexism, anti-semitism, or homophobia, but it's just as big an indicator of ignorance and intolerance. I hope you rethink your stance.

  • Cult. Religion. Same s*** on a different scale. Make believe.

  • Remember Jesus loves you too.

  • It sounds like you are talking about more of catholicism when you talk about drinking the blood of christ. I have been an athiest to agnostic to mystic to christianity, all because I long for truth.

    There has to be one absolute truth about where we came from. LOVE is what all humans desire, and LOVE is the supreme ethic. Only the Christian worldview explains this.

    Look at evolution and the naturalist ideologies, where if evolution were true, then it wouldn't matter if there was genocide or racism. Survival of the fittest right?

    Of course it's wrong because humans have entrensic worth that evolution can not explain.

    If God did make the universe, there would be 3 ways of how he would do it.

    1. He creates the universe with no sin or morals
    2. He creates a universe with good and evil, with us being able to only do good.
    3. He creates the universe like this, where there is good and evil and he gives us the free will to choose between the two. This is the only option where true love can only exsist.

  • Ignore ignorant individuals and let live :)

  • Bravo, dude. This is exactly what I was going to say.

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