First time with my best friend

So this girl and I have been friends for over a year and three weeks before this time we told each other about how we felt for each other, and from there it went fast! The next week after, we had our first kiss, and then in the next 4 days we started getting hotter and heavier with our kisses. Now 2 week later we are crazy going at it and then today. I pick her up from her house in the morning and bring her back to my place. We start by watching a movie and slowly getting Into it. We start getting really into it. We start, I guess you'd call it dry humping. This as far as it had gone so far. but, I had never had s** before, and she had but she has never told me about her experience so we kind of we catious with who would initiate. It was about 40 minutes before we had to leave and I was just ready to go for it all. So I started grabbing her butt and squeezing and I could tell she was into it cause she would start dragging her nails down my side. So I kept going. Then I started slowly moving closer in and grabbing more and starting to get closer to her v*****. I grabbed her but a few more times and then touched her. I heard her whisper "oh, I want you so bad!" So I went for more. She was soaking wet! Then after a minute or so she pulled my hand out from behind and slid it down the front and I finger ed her a but more before I asked her if she wanted to go further and she said yes. so I hurried up and grabbed a condom and when I came back she asked if I was fully ready and I just said "yes" and started pullING down her pants. I took off mine and put the condom on. she then got closer and grabbed my p**** and slowly put it inside her. It was magical. She started slightly moaning as we were passionately going at it. Then she said flip over and sit up against the wall. And she sat on toplay of me and started. She was so insecure about herself but I didn't care. the girl I loved and I were one and that's all that was on my mind. The girl of my dreams was my first and I could care less about anything else. Here we were, two best friends who slowly developed strong feelings for each other and now we were one. It seemed like these 30 minutes had gone on forever. and I was supprised that I HaD lasted this long after reading about how fast guys were on their first times. But then her phone statted going off and we had to leave so that I could get to work on time. It was the greatest moments of my life. maybe now that we have experienced this we will be more open with each other about having s** and we won't be so scared about who starts.

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  • Cool story, bro. I envy that you enjoyed your 1st encounter. Mine was just purely s** and for the sake of just loosing my virginity.

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