Affair with gay piano teacher

I am a 30 yr old shy white male with a confession.Around a year ago I went on the internet looking to resume piano lessons after many years absence.I was 16 when I last played the piano and felt very rusty.I saw one ad from a gentleman in his late 60's who only taught part-time in his downtown condo.His rates were much cheaper than the rest of the ads and I thought he is the only teacher I can really afford.
So I called him and he sounded very friendly on the phone and we set a meeting for a Sunday afternoon.I arrived at his condo which was furnished very nice and he had a white piano in his living room.He was tall with glasses,fairly slim and thinning grey hair with a moustache. He was very welcoming and gave off a gay vibe which at first threw me off but then I thought so what I am here to learn.he said his name was Eugene and welcomed me to sit down.It was then I noticed he had a stack of gay p*** DVDs by his flat screen TV and a pack of cigarettes nearby on the table.That threw me off a bit more but I shrugged it off.I was not gay myself I thought and who cares what he does with his private time.He saw me looking at his DVDs and quietly remarked.We could watch one for awhile before the lesson.My face flushed and I did not know what to say.I must admit I was curious about what was on that DVD and the thought of it started giving me an erection.He noticed my hesitation and sat beside me on the sofa.Do not worry he said I can stop the movie at any time if you do not like it.He said I looked nervous so he got up to get something.He returned with a small amber bottle.These are poppers he said very strong.They can help you relax and feel good.I thought all kinds of crazy things like maybe he will drug me and all that then he was sniffing them himself to show me he meant no harm.He moved closer and held the open bottle under my nose.I sniffed like he had done and soon felt this rush of euphoria and heat rise through me.He alternated sniffing with me and soon had the movie on.I could see men being f***** and sucking c**** and soon my c*** was as hard as a rock.I was h**** as h*** and did not resist when he kissed me deeply and felt up my bulge.I started intensely liking his kisses and touch and kissed him back with mounting passion.As I felt myself lose myself in l*** he unzipped my pants and and quickly expertly had my underwear off as well.It was not long after that that he was sitting in front of me sucking my c*** with his eager mouth.He knew exactly how to excite me and before I knew it my body was shuddering and I was crying out as I filled his greedy mouth with a big load of my c**.He took every last drop and swallowed it.He led me to his bedroom where maybe half an hour later he was lubing up my ass and pushing his 6 inch cut c*** inside me doggy style.It hurt a bit then intense pleasure took me over and I let him f*** me steady until in a few minutes he bred my virgin ass with his seed.My c*** was soon hard again and he gave me another loving b******.Later that evening as we shared one of his cigarettes in his bed he had me promise to come over every weekend for more s** and loving.I can say that since then my 69 yr old gay lover has f***** me many times and I have learned how to drain his c*** like he does mine.He has never really taught me any piano and instead is teaching me how to love a man.


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  • Life can be like that at times. Sounds like you learned some things. As long as you are safe enjoy seeing where it all leads.

  • Beautiful story. Congrats. Love getting a bj from men. Swallow most but save some so we can French kiss. I have never c** so hard as to when a hard c*** is inside of me. Going to m********* now. Thank You.

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