Oh no

WTF happened last night, I am a married 40 year old mother and I woke up this morning in bed buck naked with my 36 year old best friend who is a married mother also and I have no idea what happened but I think I know my body pretty well and I think I can read my body reasonably well and I am pretty sure I had s** last night.
I swear to god I don't remember any of the night after about midnight but this morning I woke up snuggled up to my naked best friend and she claims she doesn't remember either, We obviously got dressed and she went home and we haven't really spoke much since but all day I have been racking my brain as to what happened after midnight, Oh my god.

Oct 12, 2019

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  • No biggie. It's just that sometime after 11:59:59pm, you went from being a heterosexual wife and mother to being a raging bisexual biotch with a taste for eating c*** and an out-of-control need for grinding down other women, mound-to-mound and c***-to-c***. Enjoy!!

  • Far from it, We sat down and pieced things together, We did have a...Session but just hands and fingers, Chalk it up to drunken stupidity.

  • If you already know what happened, why the big "omg wut did i do omg omg omg" routine? Are you a housewife or are you a teenager? Perhaps you're a housewife who's still a teenager mentally, which sadly is not uncommon. It's not a good look.

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