So I’ve had a confidence boost and feeling myself more. And lately going for drives when I’m stressed has been really relaxing and one day I was driving and saw this guy on his motorcycle and he sees me and looks at me again when we’re at the stop light and he motions and does the motion lift up my shirt and I did barley hesitated not usually like me at all. It felt amazing no one else was around and I lifted my shirt and he started and nodded his head and I played with my n****** L and I was so w*t. Out of character for me but it was so freeing. He signaled for me to pull over but my heart was pounding I drove away. But I’ve been driving a lot lately flashing truck drivers, cars, and a a lot of bike riders just a rush. I love them watching me and me taking selfies with just the seat belt covering me turns me on so much. One day I wanna work up the courage to pull over the next guy to signal me over and just go to town on me and then drive away and never meet again

Oct 12, 2019

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