Craving my boyfriend’s bestfriend

So.. my boyfriend and i have been dating almost a year and he makes me incredibly happy, the happiest i’ve ever been in a relationship, way better than all my past relationships and i haven’t ever been more grateful to have someone like him in my life. But over the last six months i’ve really been thinking about one of his friends. I know i shouldn’t be thinking about another guy while in a relationship but i can’t help it, he started liking me really early on in my current relationship and even my friends tried setting us up but that didn’t end up happening. Lately i’ve been finding myself thinking about him more and talking to him late at night when i’ll tell my boyfriend i’m going to bed i’m really just up late texting his friend, and some of our conversations have gotten sexual lately and that’s when i’ve realized how much i actually like him and how i’ve always liked him even since before my relationship started. He wants me and i want him, but not romantically, just s**. I don’t want to break up with my boyfriend but all i want is one wild hook up with his friend, we’re both itching for it and i want it to happen so bad. We have so much chemistry it’s actually crazy. I’m 18 and he’s 22, i know i’m just a honey teenager l****** over an older man but my hormones say otherwise.


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  • It’s been a fun few months!

  • Thanks for advice guys!

  • You might not be ready for a serious relationship yet, but that's okay. You're 18. Have some fun experiences and take care of those cravings. I don't think anyone should have a serious relationship until they are about 30 anyway. IMO you should mount his friend.

  • :)))

  • My father turns to me one day, while on a long drive, and says "Son, women are after 2 things in life; s** and security. They don't necessarily look in the same place for them." You are just another selfish woman.

  • While I appreciate your openness on this forum, I have to say some choice words about this. Don't be selfish. You are pretty much wanting the world to conform to your own desires. There will always be someone you are sexually attracted. But you are saying you want to have s** with his best friend (wtf) and still have him around to keep you happy? Fuck what he thinks. Fuck the trust, the love, the hope he has that his woman will treat him with utmost respect for his wishes as well. Here is what you should do. Tell you boyfriend, you don't understand why, but you have sexual feelings for his friend. Maybe you'll get lucky and he tries the threesome. If not, then you let him go. Save him from your selfishness as he absolutely does not deserve that.

  • Don't f*** yourself by f****** someone else behind the person you say you love.
    Even the texting part is going to haunt you.
    I had a 'young love' relationship close to your age...lived together, engaged...and she cheated on me big time. One night she just didn't come home, and I was worried to death freaking out that something had happened to her. I called everyone she knew, friends and family and no one seemed worried. I pieced together that she was not missing or hurt, so there I sat waiting for two days while she let me rot or gathered her courage to come and return the ring I had given her. Imagine all the emotional rollercoaster.

    It wasn't until many many years later that I realized what I had done to deserve that. I had flirted horribly with an older married lady co-worker and I think that she told my fiance what I had been doing behind her back.

    I realized many things years and years later.
    Mostly...what a f****** fool I was and life is truly charmic.
    I'll finish my long reply by telling you what you already know, like I should have known.
    You don't do s*** behind people's backs when you tell them you love them...cuz that's not love. And you better be prepared to get treated the way you treat others cuz it's coming for you!

  • “he makes me incredibly happy, the happiest i’ve ever been in a relationship, way better than all my past relationships and i haven’t ever been more grateful to have someone like him in my life”. If he’s that good of a man why f*** it up?
    You’re already cheating on him by lying to your man then texting his friend at night.
    If you want to f*** him then Let your man go and get w the other guy. Cheating is just f***** up and if you meant what you said your man doesn’t deserved to be lied to and cheated on.
    Get your priorities straight. If you start your relationships by f****** other people and lying then you’ll be that way your whole life and never be happy.

  • Thank you and i respect your opinion. I don’t want to mess it up and i’m not breaking up with him that’s not happening. You can’t tell me you haven’t had at least one crush on someone you know you’ll never have a chance with so you have thoughts and fantasies you know msu not happen but it’s fun to think about anyway. I love my boyfriend. I don’t love his friend, i’m just l****** over him. All girls lowkey have a crush even if they’re in the happiest relationship.

  • Get them both together when they have been drinking. Start making out with your boyfriend right in front of him.
    See if your boyfriend allows you to give him a b****** with his friend present.
    Ask your boyfriend if he wants his friend to join in or just watch.
    Both would still be a good step forward in the direction you want it to

  • Thank you!

  • If you tried it by now, did it work?

  • Yes!! :)

  • It won’t, my boyfriend isn’t into threesomes so i know he’s not going to agree to it being him, me and his friend although i’m not against the idea. One of my bestfriends is having a party tonight that he’s going to and i’m definitely going so we’ll see what happens!!

  • Did anything happen at the party or after?

  • Yes!!

  • Is your bf into threesomes? If you dont know. What if you feel him out first by asking him a few questions to see if he's secure enough or even curious to allow a threesome which would probably work out best for you. You get to bang his friend and your bf at the same time so the excitement will be greater than just hooking up with his friend.. imo

  • He’s not, i honestly just want his friend one good time and then i’m set. I know it’s cheating and i know it’s wrong but i can’t help the urges and cravings i feel whenever he’s near me i always think about him bending me over and pounding me lol even if it doesn’t happen i love having the thoughts.

  • Maybe think about your boyfriend bending over one your friends behind your back ...see if that fantasy makes you h****.

  • That’s already happened.

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