I’m Obese and want to be humiliated for it

I’ve always been obese, since I was a teenager. I used to get off on comments at school, going home and playing with myself, thinking about everything that was said.

I’m still single and the biggest I’ve ever been. I eat as much as I want, and I never want to lose weight. I want to be humiliated for it every day, made to feel bad and weak.

I’ve only had one boyfriend and it didn’t end well, he cheated on me and I don’t know if it was because of my weight.

I know I should try and get healthier, but it consumes my thoughts at night and I purposefully buy extra food to make sure I stay fat.

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  • Stop f****** hating yourself. That’s a start. eat less. Get fit for a change, and make that a goal. Don’t dig yourself a deeper hole to lay in by trying to stay fat. Get motivated, love yourself. No one can ever love you if you do not love yourself. Love yourself. There’s no reason you cannot make chance in your life, and have what you want. Get fit, get out there, and take what you want, get what you desire, what you deserve, and never settle for less. Don’t be pathetic, or have self pity. Gain self confidence, and conquer the s*** out of life. You won’t regret it.

  • You stupid fat b¡tch. You will never find love looking obese.

  • Oops, keep reading, looks like this virgin is in the minority. Good thing mommy still loves him

  • Dream girl, where’s your f***** at? I’d feed you, f*** you and humiliate you till you cried, but wouldn’t cheat.

  • How much do you weigh? I like fat women and have had partners in the past who wanted me to berate them during s**, etc. While I’m not necessarily programmed to naturally do that i wanted to make my partner happy and enjoyed it.

    Also, I’m a pretty fit guy and have mostly dated/f***** fat women. I enjoy it when people make fun of me for being with fat women so I can somewhat relate to what you’re saying.

  • I love fat women too...i mean like FAT, like 300-400 pounds and up, or chubby, or whatever. If a woman's got a big butt or big belly, I just melt...

  • Tell me about it! I’m currently pursuing a relationship w a woman who told me she weighs 492 pounds. Her ass is massive and feels really good to f***. She’s slow to commit to calling it a relationship because she’s been burned a few times, but when she sees I’m legit I’m sure she’ll open up. Maybe have a future wife on my hands! Fingers crossed and wish me luck!

  • Haha, me too - enjoy people making fun of me for having a supersize girlfriend. But I also love being in the coffee shop waiting in line and putting my arms around my supersize cutie and getting looks from people. Like I will put my arms around her big hanging belly from behind. I think half the women are wondering why a handsome, fit guy like me is doing with such a butterball, and the men secretly want to be with a fat girl but afraid of what their friends will say.

  • That's really hot, and you are my type of woman. I absolutely love the concept of "I'm purposely overeating to stay fat," it's actually adorable. I don't know how much you weigh, but my last GF was 5'6 and 314 pounds. Her stomach was 60 inches around and each thigh was 33 inches. I would treat you like a queen but I would also grant your request to be made fun of. I am really fit - work out 7 days a week and enjoy my fit body, but I would love to get my hands on your gelatinous, unfit body. I bet you jiggle like jello, and that there are blobs of useless flab hanging off you. I would go over your entire body and marvel at how swollen you are, how unfit and flabby. I would dress you in too-small clothes and we would go out to Walmart at midnight, your rolls of flab on naked display. I would spend weekends stuffing you in an effort to make you fatter. I would put you on the scale and also measure you, and laugh at the numbers. I would also love to take you in public and go up to attractive, thin female strangers and ask them "Isn't she fat?" I would also love you and take care of you and never cheat.

  • Wow, where are all the guys like you?????

  • Here's one!

  • Sure anything you want you big fat huge f****** jumbo ass pig faced whale butt pizza eating zit covered snaggle toothed fat b****. How's that? Are you h**** now? Did I get you all excited?

  • It's not as simple as that. A true sadistic relationship for sexual pleasure is all-encompassing. Trust has to be earned, an understanding must be reached to get access to allllll that childhood neurosis and its delicious shame, embarassment, guilt and OCD sexual thoughts that last one's lifetime. You can't have a regular, vanilla partner. You need someone who understands what the person is really asking for, and give it to them well enough so it gets them off like an atomic bomb. Anything less, it's just plain ol' d***.

  • Pal, you're an amatuer, get over it.

  • True. Couldn’t stop laughing at him.

  • You can always tell the character of a person by the groups he feels is fair game. This particular subspecies is one of the more pathetic examples.

  • I hear your pleas for help. But I won't humiliate you like you want. I personally find large women very sexy and arousing. Forget that looser of a boyfriend. Let me love you my dear. I'm not skinny myself. I weigh 255Lb. and I'm 6'2 . I hope you will take this to heart. I would love you so good. Stop thinking badly about yourself. You are a good person. We all need someone to love us just the way we are. Please consider my words. Jay S.

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