I’m Obese and want to be humiliated for it

I’ve always been obese, since I was a teenager. I used to get off on comments at school, going home and playing with myself, thinking about everything that was said.

I’m still single and the biggest I’ve ever been. I eat as much as I want, and I never want to lose weight. I want to be humiliated for it every day, made to feel bad and weak.

I’ve only had one boyfriend and it didn’t end well, he cheated on me and I don’t know if it was because of my weight.

I know I should try and get healthier, but it consumes my thoughts at night and I purposefully buy extra food to make sure I stay fat.

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I don't understand why . . .

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  • I've been where you are. Don't try to fight it. You can't. You might lose weight, but that desire will always be there. You'll never be happy thin or even moderately overweight. You want to be huge. You want to be obese. Give in. Stop eating to stay fat and start eating to get fatter. Come on piggy! Eat!

  • Did you give in as well? Sometimes I love being a bigger girl but then I see photos of my younger thinner self and I think, it doesn’t have to be like this.

  • It does though. There is no way out. I've tried to stop. I've even tried losing weight, but restricting my food intake just makes me feel the need to stuff myself even more, so I do. I sabotage my weight loss and blow myself up even bigger. Then I feel ashamed and that turns me on and so I eat more and I get fatter and that turns me on and makes me eat and grow and now I'm a ** pig. Sound familiar? Are you huge yet or still just a growing piglet? This thing is too much a part of us. You will never feel complete without acting on it and once you do there's no going back. It's hard enough for people to lose weight when they don't want to be fat. You do. So what do you think? Want to get bigger piggy?

  • My wife has come to the same conclusion. All her life she fought her weight. The thinnest she was in her adult life was around 165 lbs at age 20 and at 5'3" tall that's still kinda chubby. She had dieted down from around 230lbs. The funny thing was she wasn't really any happier at 165 than she was at 230 and it was almost impossible for her to maintain the lower weight. In order to do so she needed to work out for hours 6 days a week and starve herself for 7. Finally as her weight began to creep up again she just said "** it" and just ate what she wanted, when she wanted and as much as she wanted and was much happier and less stressed for it. That was 12 years ago and 3 kids and she's weighing in at around 510lbs. She's still pretty happy with herself although she would probably be better off 50 or 100lbs lighter. As for me, I lover her size and I especially love that she is happy, well adjusted and well fed rather than unhappy and starving.

  • I’ve been really successful at dieting. Once I make up my mind, I stick to it. I may diet for a year and will lose so much weight, it will be 3, 4, maybe even 5 years before I get about as heavy as I once was. I’m on the heavy side of the cycle now and have maybe an additional 15 pounds I didn’t have to lose before. But I’ve done it before and will again.

  • Then I wish you luck and I hope being thinner makes you happy. I have tried, but I feel like something is missing when I diet or lose weight, so I have given up. I need to be fat and I'm not putting limits on it anymore.

  • That’s the thing. Being thinner never makes me happy. It just keeps me from biting more new clothes for a while. What makes me happy is when I get called piggy. That’s my real struggle. See you at the buffet soon…

  • Any update piggy? Need new clothes yet? I'm exploding out of mine. Are you letting yourself be happy or are you still fighting it?

  • The holidays weren’t good for me. I usually start new diets at the first of the year. But COVID hit me and I’m still working at home and… yeah, I can’t fit into my favorite winter coat now. I’m losing the battle.

  • I really hope you're feeling better. Sorry about your coat. You may be losing the battle, but you're winning the war because you know this is really what you want.

  • Do you still crave humiliation for your gluttony? I would be glad to oblige.

  • Describe your average day. What do you eat? When do you get hungry? We just want to hear what we’re working with here.

  • Keep stuffing that fat face of yours, tubby. I’m sure that will solve everything. How much does your chunky ** weigh now? Or can you even see the scale?

  • Stop ** hating yourself. That’s a start. eat less. Get fit for a change, and make that a goal. Don’t dig yourself a deeper hole to lay in by trying to stay fat. Get motivated, love yourself. No one can ever love you if you do not love yourself. Love yourself. There’s no reason you cannot make chance in your life, and have what you want. Get fit, get out there, and take what you want, get what you desire, what you deserve, and never settle for less. Don’t be pathetic, or have self pity. Gain self confidence, and conquer the ** out of life. You won’t regret it.

  • Easy for you to say. Have you ever been overweight?

  • You stupid fat b¡tch. You will never find love looking obese.

  • Oops, keep reading, looks like this virgin is in the minority. Good thing mommy still loves him

  • Dream girl, where’s your ** at? I’d feed you, ** you and humiliate you till you cried, but wouldn’t cheat.

  • How much do you weigh? I like fat women and have had partners in the past who wanted me to berate them during **, etc. While I’m not necessarily programmed to naturally do that i wanted to make my partner happy and enjoyed it.

    Also, I’m a pretty fit guy and have mostly dated/** fat women. I enjoy it when people make fun of me for being with fat women so I can somewhat relate to what you’re saying.

  • I love fat women too...i mean like FAT, like 300-400 pounds and up, or chubby, or whatever. If a woman's got a big ** or big belly, I just melt...

  • Tell me about it! I’m currently pursuing a relationship w a woman who told me she weighs 492 pounds. Her ** is massive and feels really good to **. She’s slow to commit to calling it a relationship because she’s been burned a few times, but when she sees I’m legit I’m sure she’ll open up. Maybe have a future wife on my hands! Fingers crossed and wish me luck!

  • Haha, me too - enjoy people making fun of me for having a supersize girlfriend. But I also love being in the coffee shop waiting in line and putting my arms around my supersize cutie and getting looks from people. Like I will put my arms around her big hanging belly from behind. I think half the women are wondering why a handsome, fit guy like me is doing with such a butterball, and the men secretly want to be with a fat girl but afraid of what their friends will say.

  • I'm in the same boat. My wife of 5 years is a nice big fatty. She's 5'4" and just over 600lbs. She is far bigger around than she is tall. I love when we are out in public and I kiss her double chins and neck roll or when I pinch one of her belly rolls and people stare. I just know that they are wondering how a such a young pretty girl could let herself go so badly. I also know that other women are wondering why a good looking, fit, eligible guy would choose to be hooked up with such a ** pig. And the guys,... well they might be laughing or making rude jokes but I know that deep down they want to be with a USSBBW, even if it is just once for the experience. But I also know that they won't consider being with a big gorgeous fatty because they haven't got the courage to deal with the ridicule or the questions from family and friends. My wife loves it too. Sometimes I will catch her giving a little extra jiggle of her belly or ** when another woman or guy is staring. She knows the deal. Other woman are jealous that she has a husband and children while the skinny ** scratch and claw for a man to pay attention to them. Life is good with a ultra SSBBW for a wife or girlfriend.

  • That's really hot, and you are my type of woman. I absolutely love the concept of "I'm purposely overeating to stay fat," it's actually adorable. I don't know how much you weigh, but my last GF was 5'6 and 314 pounds. Her stomach was 60 inches around and each thigh was 33 inches. I would treat you like a queen but I would also grant your request to be made fun of. I am really fit - work out 7 days a week and enjoy my fit body, but I would love to get my hands on your gelatinous, unfit body. I bet you jiggle like jello, and that there are blobs of useless flab hanging off you. I would go over your entire body and marvel at how swollen you are, how unfit and flabby. I would dress you in too-small clothes and we would go out to Walmart at midnight, your rolls of flab on naked display. I would spend weekends stuffing you in an effort to make you fatter. I would put you on the scale and also measure you, and laugh at the numbers. I would also love to take you in public and go up to attractive, thin female strangers and ask them "Isn't she fat?" I would also love you and take care of you and never cheat.

  • Wow, where are all the guys like you?????

  • Here's one!

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