How I got my grandma to touch my **

I was in my late teens and I always had a good relationship to my grandma (from mom's side). It had become a habit between us, that we once in month went to cinema and watch some film together. The whole stuff, as she called it. We had (soft) drinks and Popcorn and when there was a break, we even had an icedream cone. Ok, lets get to the point. In another Film (not with my grandma) I had seen an boy, cutting a hole in the ground of a popcorn bucket and put his ** inside for his girlfriend to touch it by accident. I did not get this scene out of my head and one day, I took all my courage together (I've had 3 Beers already) and when my grandma was on the toilet, I did it, I cut a hole in the bottom of the bucket, opened my fly and put my already hard ** through the hole. Grandma came back and the film started. Nothing happened, we both took popcorn from the bucket but it was a large one. the longer it took, the more my heart beat. Then the Moment came. I have thought about, what might happen, when she feels it. Jump up and run out of the cinema? cry out loud and tell all around, what I had done? But no. Sure, there was a shock but she did not look at me. she went on watching the film. It lasted only some seconds and then she put her hand around my ** and started slowly jerking it. As slow (or fast) as the popcorn allowed, I think. It did not last long and I shot off. Some went on my Shirt and when that happened, I heard my grandma giggeling. The rest juiced the Popcorn. Then her hand left my shrinking **, took a handful of popcorn and started eating it. That evening, being at her home, she took me by the hand and went me to her bedroom. Not the last time! We are from Germany, so please be lenient about bad english.

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I am Gay & wear nylon **

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  • As I massaged her old legs she raised her house dress and exposed her white **! I remained calm but I had to share my bulge so I put her foot on my sweat pants ! Wow a great play date

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  • I wish that was my grandma And I with the popcorn, she was so **, I always wanted to ** her. But instead I would go into the bathroom and ** into a pair of her dirty **

  • I was sh I got my grandmother to play with my ** and then let me ** her **!

  • Then you woke up and still never happened

  • Old ** is the best

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