Girlfriends younger sister

My girlfriends younger sister who is so hot with blonde hair and a really nice ass used to also sit on my lap when there was no other sits but instead of just letting her sit there i would move her around until she was sitting on my c***, after that then i would start rocking her from side to side and/or make her bounce up and down on my c*** until i came. One time she turned around and whispered into my ear, could you get whatever is in your pocket out cause its going between my cheeks, i looked her in the eye and said that it was my c*** and all she did was lick her lips and then bounce and rock some more without my encouragement.

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  • You need to trade in your current girlfriend and start up with the sister. TODAY!

  • you are a nice boyfriend...if you married that gf, you might have a sister-in-law to f*** too

  • jesus could you posibly not be hitting that

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