New level of friendship

This past summer a friend of mine and I took our friendship to a new level, We were all at the lake staying at my parents lake front lot, We had all pulled our campers out and made a big circle with them, Mom and dad have had the lot forever and usually park their motorhome on it but had pulled it off to go on a trip so we all decided to take advantage of the empty lot.
All the kids were in bed, I should mention that we are all anywhere from the youngest of my friends being 35 to my husband being the oldest at 42, Anyway 4 couples. all the kids were in bed and were were all drunk, Somebody suggested skinny dipping and somehow it happened, 5 of us were left awake and god only knows what time it was but we sneaked down to the water in our towels and slipped into the water, I am sure we weren't as sneaky as we thought but we felt it was a very risque event and everyone was giggling and laughing as we swam around, One girl left saying she was cold, Her husband left shortly after and for some reason I thought it was just me and my husband left.
Long story short we were messing around thinking we were hidden by the dock and he had me with my arms crossed on the dock doing me from behind, We didn't hear my friend swim up to us but she suddenly whispered from behind us "Oh you dirty f******", My husband laughed and kept going, I was not really in a place to take control and being s*** faced didn't assert myself to stop him. We are not a wild group and there has not been anything I know of that has happened before among any of my friends and she was the last one I would have expected to do something like this but she swam right up and stood beside me, Next thing I know she is reaching down between my legs rubbing me and I could tell she was grabbing a handful of everything she could.
As girls do we have talked, I know her husband is small below the waist but she has never been with anyone else so she is good with it even though she obviously knows what is big and what isn't, My husband on the other hand is not small, Easily the biggest I have ever had and when he pulled back she wrapped her hand around it and whispered to me "Good f****** god that's a huge d***", She held his shaft and he kept sliding in and out of me while she and I bent over the dock kissing until he finished then there was an awkward swim to shore, An awkward walk back to the campers and no one else was awake so we all went to bed.
The next day my husband and I were alone for a minute, I asked him about it and he admitted to feeling her up and fingering her which I am not happy about but was pretty sure was happening at the time, She had a top end rebuild a few years ago and I was sure there was no way he didn't get a handful of that although I am not happy he fingered her and he said he pulled out and she jerked him under the water until he came while he held one of my b**** and one of hers. Most awkward of it all is that she rubbed my v*****, Not something I would have expected but it happened so I guess we will deal with it, Me and her haven't had the big talk yet but I am sure it is coming.

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