Oh the memories

My wife's sister was an "Oops baby", My wife was born when her mom was 20 and her sister when her mom was 33 to different fathers and are completely different, I'm 3 years older than my wife, My wife was 31 and pregnant and her sister came to our place from her first legal night at the bar on her 18th birthday.
My wife was at her moms and I had been drinking in the garage with a couple friends earlier but had just came inside, My wife and her sister are as different as two people related by blood could be, Different personalities, Different bodies, Look different and have nothing in common, Her sister had come to our place because she was drunk and upset and didn't want to go home and be a mess in front of her parents. My wife is super hot and always was, Her sister well, She kind of grew into her looks and body over time but back then she was just tall and skinny and awkward with big jugs.
She was sitting on the couch blabbering on about how her friend was kissing her boyfriend at the bar and Blah, Blah, Blah and she figured they were probably banging by that time, I really was not into her physically but she was all dolled up in a skirt and low cut top showing lots of skin and as she blabbered on I pulled my pants to the floor. I have a big d***, Let's not beat around the bush, I do, 8" long, 7" circumference, Thick, Veiny and a big k***, She turned to look at me, Looked down at my d*** and stopped, She got wide eyed and couched saying "Holy s***", I said "Teach him a lesson" and she didn't even hesitate, she leaned over and I put my hand on her back.
So I am sitting back, My wife's considerably younger sister is jerking my c*** and licking it, i finally get her to open her mouth and she is trying to suck it but not doing a good job at all, I grab her head and push her down making her gag and she pulls back, I do it again and again until she pulls back, She sits up and has mascarra running down her face and I just shoved her head back down. She gets on all fours and I get her top off, Get her bra off and to be honest she had the most impressive set of b**** I have ever seen to this day, Big, Rock hard and big puffy pink nips, I've got one hand grabbing her b**** and the other down the back of her panties, I work one finger in her and she is super tight, She is grinding on my hand and getting wetter by the second. As I work a second finger in her she grunts and moans "Oh god", I get two going in and out and she is sloppy wet, I get my hand twisted around and start rubbing her bum hole and she is loving it all, I put a little pressure with my thumb and she stops just long enough to say "Not in please".
I'm fingering her and she is sucking me and starting to get better at it, I whisper "Lay down", She shakes her head no, I say "let me f*** you", She shakes her head no, I start to push a bit more and she takes a long slurp on my c***, Pulls her head back and says "No, I'm a virgin" and starts sucking me again. Honestly I was only trying to get her to let me f*** her because I was on the verge already and that was the icing on the cake, I grab her hair and started blowing my load, She is sucking and slurping and squealing and grunting and moaning and finally I stopped coming.
She sucked me clean and sat back on her knees, I pushed her onto her back and she said "No, No, No, I told you" and I just buried my face in her p****, I licked her until she almost crushed my head with her long legs clenching her thighs and screaming, When she let my head go I sat up and she laid there with her legs spread, I played with her p**** lips a bit, She had a nice p****, she shaved bald back then and had a bit of inner l**** hanging out, Not a lot but half an inch or so and my wife never had any so I was enjoying rubbing and pulling on them as she twitched and shook. After a minute or two she sat up and said "Oh god I am awful" and got dressed then asked if she could sleep on the couch downstairs, I of course told her she could and she left and I went to bed.
I woke up in the morning to her standing at my bedroom door and I smiled, Rolled over kicking off the sheets to show her I was naked and hard, She sighed and came over sitting on the bed and said "Um...That" pointing at my c*** "Is what I wanted to talk about", I grabbed her hand and put it on my c*** and she wrapped her hand around it, She sighed again and I slid my hand up her shirt, She was breathing kind of heavy as she started talking and said "You are making it really difficult for me to tell you how wrong last night was", She continued on about how awful what we did was and blah, Blah, Blah but never took her hand off my d*** or mine off her big b***, I stood up in front of her and she said "That's what I am saying...I can't...we...Can't" and I just grabbed her head and shoved it in her mouth, She pulled back and said "No, Really...I can't...", I said "One more time and I'll never ask again", She looked up at me and in about ten seconds I had her on top of me 69 and we had a quick but amazing session, Probably lasted about 15 minutes but I got her completely undressed and gave her an o***** just rubbing her c*** with my k*** and then shot my load and got it everywhere from her p**** to her nose, She licked her lips and I took a big gob of come off her belly with my fingers and shoved my fingers in her, She jumped up and said "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa" and got up, Grabbed her clothes and left, She came back dressed and we had a long talk about how we had to keep it a secret and we both have.
She is married now with kids and it's 10 years later but I still think about that rendevous.

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