Wathing my Big pear booty wife Liz

My latina wife and I volunteered to chaperone all the boys (ages 11 12 13 years old) so thier parents could "go out on the town" ,the boys where all dropped off at our home my wife Liz super thick with the biggest pear shaped ass got in a white bikini one piece" g "string that road up her ass and exposing her hairy black bush in front leaving nothing to the imagination she wraped scarf around her waist but removed it as soon as the boys jumped the pool ..while the boys where in our pool she took all thier clothes and washed them so when came out of the pool she gave them towels and told them to remove thier wet shorts and told them our dryer was broken and would have to stay in towels .She had removed the scarf around her hips by now and was walking around her huge ass cheeks engulfing the thin g string up ass making it disappear giving the illusion she was naked but in the front her p**** lips wrapped around the material hairy bush clearly visible the boys couldn't stop starring at her especially after she jumped in the pool exposing her brown nipples and nude wet body in the invisible wet bikini the "boys hards on "where obvious .She walked in the shower saying she wouldn't look but need to use the bathroom while each one showered to get a better look she told me that to her amazement that the 12 year old had a huge c*** and that she watched each one for about 15 min. then at the last minute removed her clothes and jumped the shower with all of them She gave them head then bent over on all fours allowing them to f*** her she said they all came inside her I tjen ate her p**** and daw thier c** in her p**** .



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  • I don't have s** with my kids but they really like to watch

  • Was this a 100sq ft shower? BS

  • That sounds like a good time. You're lucky! I wish my wife would do that and I would totally eat the c** out of her p****

  • S***** imagination!!

  • Gross. Dont post s*** about this kind of perversion. I hope you go to jail

  • I hope you don’t reproduce, no need for more retards like yourself, f****** a sexy ass lady when you’re only 11 12 or 13? Who in their right mind would skip out on that?

  • Lucky lady 3 underage boys for shower s**

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