Was this the first time?

After having too many drinks the other night I went to bed, I woke up face down in the middle of having s**, I assumed it was my husband so went with it and pretended not to notice so he would finish and I could go back to sleep.
I felt him come and pull out and then I opened my eyes and seen my husband and his best friend leave the room snickering.
OMFG!!!! WHAT!!!!
Instant anger, i went to the bathroom and peed, I got some clothes on and went to confront them but his friend had already left, I screamed at my husband and he claims it was the first time, Guess what I can guarantee it will be the last, I am out...Done...See ya.

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  • Thanks for not posting my name, you worn out s***.

  • You liked it, and you know it. Of you didn't, you wouldn't be on this site talking about it. So stop acting like your mad.

  • Good on you, you deserve better. Don't let fuckbois trick you into thinking they actually like you. Men will do anything to "feel like they r in love" its all a lie. They r just horney and money and don't care for much other than themselfs

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