I can still feel his mouth

Over the years, I've had several sexual partners. Some like going down on me, while a few have just never cared for it. Personally, I love going down on a woman. It's exhilarating watching and feeling her o***** while my mouth is on her. Well anyway...
My point being, that there has only been one person with where receiving a b****** has b been amazing. And that was my Male neighbor who was 11 and began going down on me when I was 6. He slept over one night, and within 15 minutes he talked me into the 69 position. He knew exactly how to stimulate my c***. The first time I ever came was when his mouth was on me when I was 9. We hardly spoke in day to day life. Would just bump into one another a few times a year, and often within 20 minutes we are in my room, unable to get the other persons pants off fast enough. We both went down on each other 3-4 times a year until I was 12. As I grew up and discovered girls, and, after an evenhanded discussion with myself, I saw that I really didn't have homosexual tendencies. In elementary school we sucked each others c**** because it felt good. In fact, I got hard and now have pre c** from thinking about it.
There was another boy in between us in age who he began doing it with as well. In time the other boy and I put the pieces together, and started doing the same. Most of it was my sucking on him once or twice a week for a few years. I have to admit, I really liked the taste of his c*** especially when there was pre c**. A few times I tried to stay on so he could c** in my mouth, but he was revolted by the idea, and never would.
We'd swim in the pool, then go to the fort he had out back. I'd pull aside his swim trunks and have him in my mouth before being fully erect. Then we'd be in his room. I'd suck him off there. I must have sucked his c*** more than a hundred times before jr high.
My point is, I have yet to have a woman send shockwaves through my c*** like the two older boys in my neighborhood.


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