Thank god she is my step.

The other night I was laying in bed and could hear whispering and giggling coming from my step sisters room down the hallway, I snuck out of bed and tip toed up to her door, I could hear her and her best friend Andrea whispering and giggling but I could hear heavy breathing also.
I got down on the floor and tried to peek under the door but could only see the bottom of her bed, I snuck outside and tried to peek in the window but the blinds were closed, I went back inside and there wasn't anymore giggling but more heavy breathing and a little whispering, I ever so carefully turned her door k*** and opened the door just a crack, I almost blew my load right there. Amy and Andrea were both sitting up against the headboard of Amy's bed both with nothing on and both sitting cross legged looking at and rubbing their vag's.
My step Amy has been my step since I was 2 and she was 3 so we have been around each other forever and I knew she had a body but holy, Andrea has always been around, I think they met in preschool so I know her well also and sadly my step has the better body of the two but whatever, I was peeking through the crack in the door and watching as they rubbed and made faces at each other then started watching each other rub, Andrea was showing Amy a side to side motion and Amy tried it nodding her head to Andrea.
I wanted to just stay there and watch but couldn't, I knew Amy would be leaving for college next year and knew this may be my only chance ever so I decided to go for it, I dropped my shorts and kicked them off, I opened the door and stood in the doorway, Amy let out a little squeal and Andrea whispered "Oh f***", Both of them closed their legs and pulled up the covers, Amy said "Dude, What the fuuuuck", Andrea was staring at my d!ck and Amy was looking away, I walked up to the foot of the bed and stood there, Andrea laughed and said "Holy s**t Amy, That's actually kind of impressive", Amy took a little look and then looked away shaking her head, Andrea said "Seriously, Look", Amy looked and shrugged saying "Yeah I guess".
Amy had the covers pulled right up to her chin but Andrea still had her b**** showing, Not a lot to see to be honest but nice, Small and firm with small nips, Now they were both looking and Andrea said "J*** it", Amy's eyes got wide and she looked at Andrea, Andrea shrugged and said "He's going to anyway", I didn't wait for permission I just started, Andrea was watching and Amy was pretending not to, Andrea pulled on the covers and Amy let them slide down, Amy has great b****, Not as big as her moms but super nice, Andrea leaned forward to watch closer and then she laid on her stomach and motioned for Amy to do the same, Amy did and they watched and whispered back and forth.
I was about to come and had to stop for a second, Andrea laid on her side and her and Amy started pressing their bodies together, Andrea leaned in and kissed Amy and then Amy said "No", Andrea rolled ontop of Amy and they were giggling as Andrea started playing with Amy's b**** and I couldn't hold out, I shot my load right across Amy's shoulder, Across her b**** and onto Andrea's stomach, Amy took a deep breath and whispered "Mother F'er", Andrea whispered "Holy S**t" and then they both giggled.
They both got up and Amy grabbed a towel off the floor wiping herself off and they bot stood and looked at me, I was still jerking and Andrea looked at me and said "More?", I nodded and Andrea walked right up, Grabbed my c*** and got on her knees, Amy sat on the bed and watched as Andrea started sucking me, After a minute Andrea stood up and pulled me onto the bed on top of her, Spread her legs and pulled my c*** into her, Amy laid beside her and watched while I started doing Andrea. I was surprised but Andrea got off fast moaning and it was super hot watching her stomach muscles as they flexed every time she came.
Andrea made me stop and pull out of her, I pushed Amy onto her back and she took a deep breath saying "Oh god I don't" but it was too late, I shoved it right in her and as I did she moaned "Oh s**********T" and I just started banging her, She looked super hot with her b**** bouncing up and down and when she came she had her feet crossed on my back, she clenched her thighs and I could totally feel her get super wet when she did. I pulled out and came all over her b**** and stomach with Andrea jerking me.
After we all caught our breath I wanted to go more but Amy kicked me out of her room, She won't make eye contact with me but I think she wants more.

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  • Give her the nut

  • I have been nailing my step sister for 3 years, We try to be sneaky but have been caught multiple times by our parents.

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