My best friend kissed me

Ok this is NOT ABOUT ME I REPEAT THIS IS NOT ABOUT ME. Ok so my friend let's just call her Monika. So we were going swimming and she got really upset that her mom wouldn't let her best friend come (I'll call her Neko.) So then I saw this dude and he started blushing at me and he was so sexy! Then Monika whispered psssss Natsuki who is he blushing at..? Then I said me of course! Then he came up and said. "Hey girl with the pink hair." And then he tried to kiss me and I gladly came to kiss him. Then Monika came up and kissed me. I was so angry and that dude walked away because he thought I was lesbian. The only thing I said to Monika was WTF then I never talked to her again. Well that's it bye!!! :)

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  • It's been a very long time since I've finished reading a post, looked up into the air, and contemplated how I would repatriate my lost time given how s*** the post was and retarded the poster is.

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