Risky business?

Today, I kissed/made out with my supervisor. I'm 17, he just turned 29. It wasn't anything highly inappropriate, just some light kissing.
It started out when I had just punched out for the day. I was waiting in the lobby for my ride and in a really bad mood due to some problems at home and school, when he called me into the office to give me my schedule for next week. I was about to cry when he called me and was trying to fight it before I walked in.
He gave me my schedule, but asked me if I was okay right as I walked out. I broke down and said I felt like s***, and just spilled everything. He came over and talked to me. I calmed down a little bit, and he gave me a side hug.
It turned into a full hug. When I looked up at him, he looked at me. Then we kissed. At first we just stood there looking at each other before we did it again. We began kissing for about a minute before we pulled away from each other, blushing before I said I had to go (I really did, my friend arrived to pick me up).
He walked me to my friend's car. He was smiling when I saw him through the car window as we drove away.
I'm still nervous about what's going to happen next. Still, that man is great kisser and person, and I have a feeling there's something more in store.
Oh, the things that happen behind closed doors...

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  • Yinkyface?

  • I had a young, gorgeous female employee a few years ago, and, as we grew closer, had fun with her as well. We'd be on the road and stop off for lunch or early dinner, and, it usually felt like a date. I also took her to better places as opposed to chain restaurants.

    One weekend, I was showing her some computer things I needed her to do. We were at my house, and, she was leaning close into me to see the screen. Her position was perfect, and I laid one on her. That became minutes of intense, makeout-style kissing that had us both breathing heavy. We didn't talk about it much for weeks, but, knew..At some point, s** was going to happen. And it did, fairly often.

  • He's making you the workplace b****..Which, if you're ok with that, fine.. He's had a taste, now knows he can, and will, go further. You'll be flat-backed on his desk in no time...Just watch your head on the corners.

  • Everything about that is inappropriate. Don't cry to anyone when he rapes you.

  • Bang him. Bang on his office desk. It;s a lot of peoples fantasy everywhere.

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