Panty Swap

My wife and mother in law have the same panty - colour, brand and size. i have swapped their panties around. I have got my wifes used worn panties and have put it in my mother in laws draw and vice versa. I have got my mother in laws used panties solied/smelly and put in my in my wifes draw for her to wear to work. Both of them are wearing each others used panties for a year now and i keep buys simliar ones for my wife to match mother in laws panties.

Me and my wife went out to a bar/dinner and then i rubbed her c*** at the bar and she was wet. I then took her panites that night and the next morning I put in my mother in laws draw for her to wear. The panty was soaked in wetness and sweat i dried it out and put in her her draw and took the clean ones back home with me for my wife to wear. I checked the few days later in the hamper and she wore then and the smell was awsome. I could see the stains of her p**** on top of her my wifes stains. Both had different types of discharge and smell. I wanted to lick them but i gently gave it a wipe and only put if back in my wifes draw for her to wear again to work.

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