Caught naked

My sister in law had asked my wife to watch her house and feed the cat while she was away for a couple of days. I had volunteered to go round and take care of it so my wife could go shopping. I had fed the cat and then let it out of the house and was going round the house opening the curtains in each room, when I got to my sister in laws room I opened the curtains as I turned to leave the room I looked at her bed and began to think of her in it and that she may sleep naked some nights, I began to get aroused and rubbed my c*ck through my jeans, I was now h**** and wanted to w*nk. I walked round the room opening draws to look for inspiration, bingo! her panty draw, I fished through picking out various pairs of panties and imagining when she wore them last at the bottom of the draw were a red pair of lacy briefs that I decided were what I needed. My level of horniness must have been high as I decided I would strip off and w*ank naked in her bed, I threw my clothes in a pile, opened the bed clothes and got in the bed. I didn’t cover myself and set to work m*sterbating my eyes closed tight and her panties held to my face. I was really getting into it with a bit of moaning and dirty talk (something I don’t normally do) pushing my hips up and down to meet my hand strokes. I hadn’t been m*sterbating long when I could no longer control myself and I began to c*m, as I did I moaned out “oh B** f*** me” I fell a squirt of c*m strike my shoulder then the another across my chest with the remaining thrusts landing on my stomach. Wow that was awesome I thought, when I opened my eyes and to my horror B** was stood in the doorway and must have seen everything. I instantly went red and placed my hands over my c*ck, “too late for that” she said. It was the most awkward thing ever having to get out of her bed and ask to take a shower let alone what she saw. B** never told my wife and now and again flashes her panty band when she has the red ones on and no one is about

Mar 25, 2018

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  • Ah getting caught. The fantasy lives.

  • I think she may be hinting to you

  • Has anything happened between you two sounds like she may be interested seeing as she dint tell her sister

  • I have a thing for my sister in law and would love to be caught in the same situation and see what she would do, f*** me I hope

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