First time

Well i get bored some evening hubby long disstance lorry driver so away most week well started going on this adult chat site and 1 evening got chatting to another lady who only lived about 5 miles away well started texing other next week or 2 then we meet for coffee in town chatted about things then got on to why chat site well shes into girls and i said curious about what be like lol well we got a takeaway went back mine and while eating she asked if had same friends me so logg on looked and found another good friend there was chatting not relised was fondiling 1 my b**** as getting h**** well lady with me said carry on enjoy shhe just wanted watch and so i did never got naked in front another lady but was h**** started playing with myself and relised she also was now naked watching me playing with her self so stoped looking at pc watched her then it happend she moved close tuched my body was so good well lets say i now tuched sucked another lady and been tuched to

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