I keep accidentally flashing my dad

I keep having oops moments where somehow I end up showing my dad more of me than any daughter should. It started when he picked me up from a party, when I got out the car my dress caught on the seat belt, and as I walked away it pulled my dress right up above my panties. I think it was the first time he found out I wore thong panties and he got an eyeful as I moved about trying to get free.
Then came the time a freak gust of wind showed my panties again.
Then I had a nipple slip from a summer dress
Then when he supposed me in his bathroom when I was looking for mums shampoo in just a towel and in the suprise I dropped it and he saw my behind.
He also walked in on me on the toilet when I forgot to lock it
And finally, and this is perhaps the worst. I thought I was home alone, and I had been worried recently my b**** might be uneven, so pulled them out and looked at them in the living room mirror. Then my dad walked in.

He is cool about it but I don't want to put the wrong message out there to him. Not much he hasn't seen now. Oops lol

Oct 22, 2019

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  • It's a long time since I posted but I have an update if anyone is interested... I have gotten addicted to teasing my dad now, I find myself deliberately trying to ensure he sees me in a towel or underwear or a little flash. I get so turned on by the idea, and do it as my warm up to private time. I know that sounds really bad, and I am not interested in my dad sexually I just really get off on him seeing me like that. I have experimented also with other older men, I have been on a bus in a short skirt with my legs a little apart so an old man could see up for example. Nothing compares to when it's my dad, but it helps me get my fix of teasing pleasure.
    I fear if I take anything further than I have it will lose its excitement, as the thrill is in what could happen, and if it's happened what else is there.
    I have gone a bit further with strangers, putting on a full show, but I get afraid for my safety. I feel safe at home with dad.

  • Show him more....accidentally of course

  • You naughty little p**** tease
    I'll bet your dad wants to f*** you and wanks thinking about you while he sniffs your dirty knickers.
    How Old are you ?
    I spy on my schoolgirl stepdaughter Tash all the time and do the hand jive as I study her hairy brown p****.

  • I am 16
    I don't know my dad's thoughts, but I know he looks, rather than looking away.
    He does the laundry from time to time so will put my knickers in the wash, I don't know if he has ever done anything with them.

  • I'll guarantee you dad will inhale the crotch of your knickers where they've been on your f**** and will imagine what you smell like between your legs.
    Then he'll imagine f****** your virgin f****.
    All blokes do it.
    I'm guessing you have a bald f**** as it's the latest fashion .
    If you really want to excite your dad grow some pubes for him to find - especially if you are blonde and your pubes are a different colour, that will get his k*** hard !
    I'm hard now thinking about you, what do you look like ?
    I would like to f*** you in your school uniform !
    Most older men can't fancy a bald girl as it makes us feel like paedophiles, like bring with a child.

  • Leave some dirty knickers on the floor in your bedroom in a way that you will know if they are moved.
    I'll be surprised if your dad doesn't move them to sniff them and examine them inside for stains and pubic hairs.
    Then he' " entertain himself " with your knickers as he imagines f****** you.
    Have you got a hairy p**** ?
    If dad doesn't know he'll be curious.

  • I really want to let my dad "accidentally" see my p****, he saw my b****** this morning and he kept looking down at my chest because I was topless for a few minutes. (: I got wet honestly, I loved being exposed for him.

  • So hot! Email me thebluestdevil@yahoo.com

  • Honestly It's was a fun little surprise when my dad walked into the bathroom as I was getting out of the shower with my towel still on my hair, I was facing him but didn't even hear the door open when I was drying my hair with my towel, noticed my dad as he saw me literally butt naked a foot in front of him, I was really surprised but I honestly kinda liked the way my dad looked at my b****** before I noticed him in the bathroom. I thought about it and I know he got a good view tbh, I had my arms up rubbing my hair with the towel. And I'm sure he got a little peek between my thighs too, I got soooo turned thinking about him looking at me that way(: my dad is really sweet to me and I love him, so I'm happy that he got a good look at me nude to be completely honest about it, I love being naked or topless around my dad, I know it's kinda wrong but I get really wet when I imagine how it would feel to have him sliding it inside me..Awhh i can't keep going or I'll end up having to get myself off tonight, my p**** is already starting to get wet rn /:

  • Mmmmm email me thebluestdevil@yahoo.com

  • I have done something deliberate now, it may seem like nothing to any of you but it's a big deal to me.
    I was in my room, I took my top off so I was just wearing a bra, then when I heard my dad I called out to him that I had a question.
    He came in to my room and instantly got flustered and apologised, 'sorry I didn't realise you were....', 'I didn't realise you were coming in I said...'. He started to leave, but I called him back 'Dad, dad, it's ok, I still have a question, and it's ok I have a bra on, it's not that bad...'
    I went on to talk with him for a few minutes as he tries and failed to focus on my face. His eyes though were flitting downwards for glimpses of cleavage and I think my tummy.

    Anyway I must confess a feeling of excitement, even though it was a little thing, hope he didn't mind. Feel a little guilty also

  • There's nothing wrong with getting a little turned on by it honestly, I got kinda wet when my dad saw me butt naked right before I got under my cover, I didn't feel weird about it and I don't really try to cover myself with my hands when my dad walks in while I'm changing or just getting naked to sleep that way. I get a guilty pleasure from my dad seeing me butt naked tbh (:

  • No need to feel guilty and I'm sure your dad didn't mind at all lol. You are really teasing your dad now lol. I think it was a big step for you and it's good that it excites you. Next time be a little more adventurous and be topless or maybe asked him to wash your back in the bath. Good luck

  • Ha ha that would be a bit obvious!

  • Nothing wrong with being obvious lol. See how far you can push the boundaries! Good luck

  • I kinda did something else. It was only me and him in the house in the evening, I was upstairs ready for bed in my PJs. I went to my draw and swapped my winter PJ's for my small summer PJ's. The top is loose and low cut and the shorts are short and baggy. I went downstairs, got a drink and went over to him. He was watching TV, and I sat kinda opposite him to drink my drink. I must confess I let my legs part a little so he could get a very small glimpse up my shorts leg hole, and see a flash of my bright red panties hiding behind the white ok shorts. It was for only a couple of seconds, but it gave me little butterflies in my tummy as I sat there. I then went back to my room, changed back and went back to bed.
    I felt so naughty

  • Slightly more adventurous lol. Did your dad look at you? Next time try wearing some sexy lingerie? Imagine how naughty you would feel! Really tease him!

  • I kinda watched him out of the corner of my eye, and I caught him looking, just for a second, his focus shifted from the tv to me and not my face lol. My heart was pounding afterwards.
    I did something else this morning, I went to the bathroom without trousers or a skirt on. I had a long shirt on but it only just covered my panties. I guess all he saw were my legs but he saw all the way up.
    Was enough to get my heart racing, not sure about his. I have been doing things spur of the moment but now I feel like I am planning, and that's a whole different thing.

  • Looks like you are getting your dad's attention lol. I'm sure your dad's heart was definitely racing and I bet something else was happening as well! What's your next plan?

  • Already been something else. I had a visit from my dad, just before he walked in I unbuttoned my jeans and shirt. Just spoke to him casually but with my panties on show, and my bra, just pretended I had loosened them to relax.

  • You must be driving your dad crazy! Lol. Next time unbutton your top a bit further and don't wear a bra. Do something to really get your dad's pulse racing. How does it feel to be turning your dad on?

  • I used to do the same thing with my dad. Except on purpose. I knew it would drive him crazy and to be honest, it drove me crazy too. Showing a man part of your body knowing you are safe do so is cool.

  • Mmmm email me thebluestdevil@yahoo.com

  • You never considered on how that effects him?

  • It gets his c*** hard

  • Doesn't that make it obvious ?
    Your dad wants to f*** you !
    He'll put a pair of your soiled knickers over his face to sniff everything that you have secreted between your legs and w*** imagining f****** you !
    Believe me all blokes do that but don't admit it .

  • That's good, isn't it? Through the stupid rule book out the window and live a little! There are loads of family members that have loving, sexual relationships. Don't miss out!

  • Throw the stupid rule out the window! Lol sorry

  • That was my worry

  • Shouldn't be a worry.

  • Why, don't want to be cruel

  • Very true

  • Interesting to hear, thanks for sharing. I weirdly feel a little excitement after the event. Shy naughtiness I think. I understand the Idea of a safe environment, I have accidentally flashed when i have been out and felt vulnerable, which is not exciting.

    I remember at school walking up stairs conscious that boys behind me on the stairs may get a little glimpse of my panties, but not holding my skirt down with my hand, just smiling to myself and carrying on.

    You have got me thinking!

  • Did your dad show himself to you? Being naked is so natural

  • My dad? No

  • What would you do if he did?

  • Hmmm, good question. Depends how deliberate it was. If an accident, then laugh it off, if deliberate, I wouldn't tell anyone, but I would be pretty freaked out.

  • Wouldn't you be tempted to do something? Would be so hot!

  • It that weird question, could I not look? When someone gets naked you can't help but look even if you are not intrested, even when they are the wrong age or gender, or whatever, nudity draws the eye. Would I look, probably, would I do anything, almost certainly no

  • Nudity does draw the eye for sure. If you did see your dad's p**** erect in front of you, would you be turned on at all? Be honest.

  • Wow you are pushing this. Being honest I don't know. We have already discussed how nuditt draws the eye, and certainly as a girl, an erect p**** is kinda arowsing, the big question is would my body react different to my head. I might get aroused and disgusted at the same time. This is really making me think about things

  • I'm glad it's making you rethink things because what's or wrong isn't always clear cut. Society had put an invisible barrier in our heads which I believe is wrong. Think about it this way, if anything sexual happened between you and your dad, isn't it just showing each other love and affection? What's wrong about that? Sounds pretty right to me. In some countries this is legal and rightly so.

  • I still don't think I would want to do anything like that with my dad, but I am now thinking it's fun and sexy to be naughty and might do things that make accidents more likely. Short towels etc. It might be fun. And if he has an accident I can laugh it off. Don't want to lead him on though.

  • I wanna hear more thebluestdevil@yahoo.com

  • It's always fun to tease your dad! But I do think you are missing out on some amazing experiences with your dad and you would of made your dad a very happy man. Don't be afraid to test the boundaries or to try new things with your dad. Just remember that your dad loves you.

  • I see nothing wrong with a dad and daughter having s** as long as it is not rape, forced or any kind of abuse, I think society deciding what age she should be "allowed" to have s** is wrong , why do people think a girl only gets h**** when she is old enough to give birth?

  • Very true. Parents should be able to teach their sons/daughters about s**. But there should be an age of consent, which I think should be 13. It really is the best way to learn and to be prepared for life eg marriage.

  • For every girl it would be different but I think maybe 11 for some

  • True, girls mature differently and reach pubity sooner than others but I still think a tough estimate would be 13ish.

  • Can't believe it has happened again. Walking back from the bathroom in a towel, saw my dad on the landing. Tried hard to make sure the towel was covering by b****, but just as I walked in to my room, the towel rode up and I accidentally flashed my bum cheeks. Oops
    Maybe I need bigger towels, or my own bathroom! That would be nice.

  • I am older now but as a teenager I would tease my dad and brother the same way. The towel fell once or twice. Then I used a small towel and bent over in front of him exposing my thong. Also had acouple other things.

  • I think alot of girls do this to learn how to seduce and flirt. My sister would do this with me from about the age of 14. It was really obvious things as well like walking around in underwear and letting her dressing gown fall open. I manage to resist until she 16 and then began having s** with her. It is something I believe happens in most families ranging from esposure to a full on sexual relationship.

  • Seems like your body knows something your mind doesn't...yet

  • Hope not

  • It's you dad! If want to be naked around him then that's perfectly acceptable and natural! Don't worry about it.

  • Granted I feel like I need less privacy from him, what's there left to hide??? [Tragic laugh]

  • Lol. Why hide? Like I said it's your dad. Totally natural.

  • I guess it's about what feels normal, and avoiding anything that could be sexual. I think it's only ok for him to see anything that he has if there was no way he could see me in a sexual sense. Which I obviously hope he wouldn't, but I can't rule out a natural reaction, so better to keep the clothes on I think. Fairer on him too, must be an awkward situation for him, when he sees something he shouldn't

  • What's wrong for one person may not be wrong for another and alot of families have different boundaries. To assume that your dad wouldn't think of you sexually is wrong. There are many parents who develop a sexual attraction to their sons or daughters as they mature and this is natural. Why is so bad if your dad does feel this way?? I had many sexual interactions with my mother and this has had a positive effect on me in my life. Obviously, anything sexual should always be consensual and birth control should be used. I would be open minded if I were you and try not to just just rule things out before giving it proper consideration.

  • I am not getting sexual with my dad, no way.
    I think he might find me sexually attractive in a deep routed physical way. His primative brain unable to turn it off, but that is no excuse, I just forgive him.

    When I was younger I had such a crush on my cousin, he was so hot. I know I flirted with him and that was awkward for him, I was family and very underage. I got over it, but my point is I get animal instinct, so I can understand if my dad has a quick look, and I am ok with it. I just don't want to lead him on with my accidents, and they just keep happening. Narrowly avoided another nipple slip at breakfast. He still saw a lot of my cleavage. Not that there is that much :(

  • What would be so bad about doing anything sexual with your dad? It is just a way of showing each other love and another way of being affectionate. Why should society set boundaries for you? Why not set your own boundaries? Are you scared of being close to your dad? I have slept with my mum many times and I have absolutely no regrets. It is the most wonderful experience and very bonding.

  • How old are old are you and your mum ? I am 16 and my mum is 49. I have imagined sleeping with my mum or at least seeing her full-frontal private bits many times.
    I know she has a a hairy f**** as I sniff her dirty knickers while I m********* and l collect her pubic hairs.
    I would love to sniff that aroma between my mums legs for real.

  • If I wanted to have s** I could just get a boyfriend for that. I understand the nudist concept, and I am ok with it, just not my thing

  • Ok, that's up to you. But I think you are missing out on some amazing times with your dad. S** with a family member is so intense and completely and mind blowing! It creates an amazing bond with that person. With the use of birth control what would be the harm? Before making a final decision try to think about it with an open mind. S** between me and my mum has been so good and I have no regrets. I think it's really healthy and totally underestimated.

  • I have a hypothetical question for you... If hypothetically my dad saw me as forbidden fruit, and hypothetically I felt sorry for him, is it doing him a favour to show him a little, or is that cruel taunting, and I should cover up? Hypothetically speaking.

  • Ok, I think if showing him parts of yourself then maybe you are leading him on a little or is that you're intention? You should decide what kind of relationship you want with your dad. All I would say is don't be afraid to affectionate with your dad and do whatever feels right for you. Like I said before keep an open mind and try not to rule anything out.

  • You haven't said how old you are.
    I suggest your dad probably wants to see you naked and seeing little peeks of you gets him aroused and he will m********* thinking of you naked.
    If he saw between your legs when he opened the toilet door he possibly wants to f*** you.
    Your dad probably sniffs your dirty panties too and looks for hairs and stains.
    Do you have hair between your legs ?

    When my lodgers blonde daughter aged 21 moved in I used to search her panties to see what colour her pubic hairs were. After finding a massive bunch of ginger hairs in Melissa 's panties I stole them to sniff and m********* daily.
    Most blokes imagine every female they meet naked and what she has between her legs. That is natural.

  • I am 16. I really hope my dad does not sniff my panties, that sounds gross, seriously why would you do that? You sound gross too sorry. Also pubic hair colour? Wtf? Who wants to know that? Anyway I shave so none to find. I hope you are wrong btw

  • I'm a dad and I have sniffed my daughter's panties. I guess I done to see what she smells like. My daughter is 14 and I have to confess that I would love to sleep with her.

  • Is that how my dad thinks? I hope not. When you say 'see what she smells like', do you mean in general, because any item of clothing would smell of her so why dirty undies lol? Or do you mean if she is a little ahem, 'damp'?
    So can't believe I am having this conversation. You should stop btw, it's not right.

  • I am 53, very trim and fit and look about 40. And very sexually active with my wife. Sorry to say, sniffing an attractive female's underwear is something far more males do than will admit to it. And being related to the owner of the panties doesn't change anything. Except perhaps generate a little guilt. Boys sniff their mom's panties, men sniff their wife's, or their sister-in-laws, or their daughter's. I have 16 year old granddaughter's and have sniffed their panties while doing laundry when everyone shared a summer beach house. I do feel a little guilt but it was fun and naughty and all that. And my harmless secret.

  • Sorry to scare you but it is most likely how your dad thinks. I smell my daughter's panties to smell what her v***** smells like, sorry if that's rude lol. Me and my daughter are very affectionate and she quite often joins me in bed some mornings. But she is only 14 so I would never try anything yet. I really hope in the future that we could possibly do something sexual, with birth control of course. I'm just being honest about how I see my daughter.

  • Never too young to show daddy your p****

  • Don't be gross.

  • Don't listen to them. They are gross! Be naked only if you want to.

  • Show him your a******

  • My what?

  • Your bum hole and your v***** lips .
    Let your dad see right between your legs.
    That'll be what he wants
    Maybe sleep on your back with your legs open and see if he spies on you
    If you leave some dirty panties on the floor he will examine them for sure.
    If your dad doesn't imagine f****** you he's not normal.

  • That is really disgusting and gross. To think of my dad even touching my body once I’m over the age of 10 is vial. Of course daughter and father should have a loving relationship, but there should be sexual desire or attraction there. If you would like to sleep with you daughter who is under the age of 18 you are a pedophile and need to be put in jail.

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