Try it.

My sister and I swapped husbands for a night, Yup that's right with my sister and her husband, We were on a trip together for a funeral of an old family friend, It was in our home town which is not very big so we ended up staying in a double room and getting drunk with old friends we haven't seen in forever.
We drank too much and one thing led to another and my sister and I swapped, We were all drunk and somehow the idea of switching beds came up and it just happened, Started out just being funny and then got carried away and...
Started out all giggly and gropy under the blankest and then by the end was just full on and 4 big O's, Crashed and woke up in bed with each others husbands and everyone just got up and showered, Dressed and carried on with life, I know my younger sister is a bit wilder than I but I can't say if they have ever done anything like this before and I don't know if it will ever happen again but it was quite a night.

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  • I have done the same thing except it as my brother and I swapping our wife

  • It is worth doing within the safety of family as it is consensual. We do it quite often whenever opportunity permits! My wife loves as much as I love f****** her sis while husband doing with my wife.

  • Nice

  • I bet you loved a different c*** up you.

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