Dirty talk

My wife and I often talk dirty during s**. We talk about which of each other’s friends we would have s** with, what we find sexy about those friends. We also talk about which of our friends we would have threesomes and foursomes with. Sometimes I really have to get her wet before she gives in, but then I’ll make her tell me whose d*** she wants to have deep inside her. She will tell me which of her friends she thinks would f*** me the best. I make her tell me whose p**** she would eat out. It is amazing. Would never act on it (maybe someday...) but it is tantalizing to y’all about during s** and mutual masturbation. Anyone else ever do this?

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  • Wife and I been married 20 years. I like to talk dirty to her during s**. Dirty talk means I talk about me f****** her, kinky talk means I talk about some other guy f****** her. I normally ask her during s** if she wants dirty or kinky talk. Lot of times it depends how h**** she is. If she's h**** she wants kinky talk, otherwise she wants dirty talk. Sometimes she really gets h**** and will ask me to talk kinky to her before I ever ask. Normally she orgasmed pretty quick when I talk kinky to her. I know she would probably f*** another guy in front of me, but we've never taken it any further.

  • Oh she is probably already f****** another dude. Is she asks you for kinky talk them it means she is thinking about it. If she's thinking about it, then she's already done it. You just don't know about it.

  • Yes, ended up f****** her friend, it was amazing. Wife f***** her husband. Every time we have s** she tells me about, how much bigger he was, he made her c**, etc. I tell her about how her friend sucked me off much better than my wife and swallowed my c**. My wife told me last time that she did a*** with the guy. She has never let me do a*** to her, she taunts me with it but it makes me c** hard!

  • We both enjoy dirty talks while having s**. Me to her as s***, dirty b****, w****, f***-hole etc. She to me as b******, randy, f*** gun etc. Ask her whose c*** she wants - my friends, a dog or a horse etc. We reach grunting, noisy o******!!

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