Long distance relationship with my wife

It is weird but I have long distance relationship with my wife. I got a job offer, very highly paid abroad job, five years ago. She did not want to join me. We agreed to get a long distance relationship. Of course at the beginnig I was not thinking that this would last that long.
When I went home for vacation, all we do generally is s** and partying with friends. One day I asked her that I need a woman at home when I left work. She said she does not want to come to the country that I was working. She told me that she will accept it if I have sexual relationship with other women. I was little bit disappointed because I was expecting a fight. But I said ok.
After couple of years I realized why she accepted very quickly.
One day when I was home at vacation, I was tryıng to pay our bills using her laptop. I neede to upload a file because I was getting some error and need help from customer service. I clicked the file button, then I folder opened. Full of p*** pictures. Actually those were not p*** pictures but some pictures of my wife getting laid with different men.
That was shocking.
Now, we divorced but I still go and visit her during my vacations;)

Oct 23, 2019

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  • You expected her to go years without s**? That's totally unrealistic.

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