Wife at Hotel

My wife and I were out of town for a family wedding and staying in the hotel for the night. We had a lot to drink and were both very drunk at the after party at the hotel bar. We had done fantasy talk in the past about a threesome and were both h**** and decided to try it. We talked to a guy who was staying in the hotel and he was all for it. We went up to the room and I don’t remember much from being drunk but I must have passed out. I woke up a few hours later which was early morning. My wife wasn’t next to me and I looked over at the other bed and saw my my wife on top of the guy riding him. I have no idea how long they were going at it before this. I was nervous and didn’t know what to do so I tried falling back asleep and eventually did. I woke back up and the sun was up. I look over to the bed and this guy is now on top of my wife and she has his legs wrapped around him and they are still having s**. Or having sexual again, I’m not sure. What was meant to be a threesome ended up being just a stranger having s** with my wife continuously all night.

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  • If you can set it up again lay under her while the other guy f**** her doggy. You'll be in the perfect spot to lick up the c**.

  • About the same happened to me. Only it wasn't planned. I went on a business trip with my coworker. We were both supposed to bring our wives, but at the last minute his wife backed out. We shared a room to cut costs. On the second night we celebrated the deal and went out for drinks. Lots of drinks. When I woke up at about 3am my wife wasn't in the bed. When I opened my eyes I could see in the dark somewhat that my wife was in my coworkers bed and she was riding him. They were trying to be quiet and they were doing a good job. I just happened to wake up on my own. I laid there quietly and watched the whole thing. They finished and my wife quietly got back in our bed. I tried to act like I had just woken up and tried to get frisky with her. She told me no that she had just got up to pee and was still asleep. I whispered that I knew she had my coworkers c** in her p****. She decided to let me f*** her instead.

  • I love f****** my wife's p**** with another man's load in her...that is if I don't suck his c** out of her first!

  • Went to a swinger party once with my young wife. F***** her first, then watched her do a blow bang with several men while being eaten out, f***** a very used woman, then watched wife draw a crowd while f****** a BBC, followed by me f****** her cream pied p**** again.

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