I met someone I knew on Craiglist

I posted an ad in casual encounters, I got tons of fake replies and one real reply. The woman said she was just out of a relationship was lonely h**** and wanted s**. We agreed to meet at a tavern. She said I'll be wearing a red jacket. I walked in and saw her sitting looking at the door, she saw me and didn't think I was the guy, she was married to a guy I knew and in fact was divorced. I said so your the girl wearing the red jacket. She started to deny she was who I was looking for but she was her. She said I'm a little reluctant to go with you because I know who you are, I wanted to do this with someone I didn't know or would ever see again. I could have taken a pass on her but said oh come on I'll give you what your looking for, I'd never tell anyone. She sat there thinking about it, she was chubby, had horrible looking red hair and a weathered looking face. I was h**** enough to do it with her. Do you promise this is our secret she asked. I said I swear I'll never tell anyone, I never tell anyone about who I had s** with. We went to her apartment and spent 3 hours in her bed. She was great sexually and I have had a lot of s** dates with her that not one person is aware of. I have a girlfriend now but this gal still calls looking for us to meet discretely once in a while, she is aware I have a girlfriend. Because she initially helped me with my need I promised to help her when she was in need. I asked her if she'd be into doing a threesome she said she's often thought about doing it with 2 men, said she's not into doing women. I said if I get a decent guy to do a threesome would you return the favor and do my girlfriend with me? I could possibly do that she said. I asked my girlfriend if she'd like a threesome with another woman she said no, I'm not doing a threesome with anyone. I let the thought die, I should be happy I have 2 women that like having s** with me so I'll keep it the way it is.

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  • If true, does your girlfriend know about your side chick?

  • Too long and fictitious to be true

  • She sounds like a hot piece.

  • Why? Because she likes to f***. You lot ate pigs!!

  • Lol Are, not ate!

  • Maybe they eat pigs too! Oink oink

  • BBWs are the best in bed.

  • Everyone is different

  • No, everyone is the same. Except for you. (That's not a compliment.)

  • Lol I'll take it as a compliment. I'd rather be a leader, than a follower :) I'm unique, unlike you x

    Peace man :)

  • Damn, that p**** must be incredible!

  • A woman is more than her p****, you t*****! But a man isn't more than, his d***!

  • Maybe, but still.......that p**** must be incredible!

  • There's no "must" about it, it's a possibility.

  • Don't ever stop banging that s***. She wants it. She needs it. You're doing her a favor. Even if she eventually marries somebody else, maintain the affair. Don't ever stop banging that s***. Not EVER.

  • I might take issue with the language here, but I'm totally on board with keeping the relationship intact if she remarries. In fact, it's not too soon to start putting that idea in her mind now, and reinforcing it every time you make love with her. Either before or after the s** -- or both, or during -- tell her that you'll still want her even if she marries somebody else. Let her know she's THAT GOOD, and you don't want to let her go. Ever.

  • Lol you have no loyalties do you

  • He's doing himself a favour as well, a******!

  • Very sexy. You're a very lucky guy.

  • Wow I love this

  • Sure you do

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