How we started swinging

My wife and I have been married for several years and we still have a pretty good s** life. So when she asked me what I wanted for my birthday one year, I remarked that I wanted anything sexual. At first she just laughed and said, no for real, what do you want? I again said anything sexual. She asked me if there were any limitations and I told her no. I said whatever you want to do is fine with me. She said ANYTHING? And again I said anything.

A few days later she told me she booked a hotel room in the city. I was excited as I knew I was going to have a lot of s** with her. She made an odd comment though and again reminded me that whatever happened, I couldn't get mad at her. I assured her that I was ok with whatever she had in mind.

So the big day came and we headed for the city. She was a knockout in her little black dress and pushup bra that showed off more of her t*** than I ever saw her show off before. We  had a nice dinner and then headed for a night club. At one point in the night she told me she didn't have any panties on. I asked her what happened to them, and she said she never put any on. I knew then that I was in for a good night. As the night came to a close, we headed back to the hotel. We entered the lobby I noticed there was a man checking in at the front desk. I didn't pay too much attention until he walked over to the elevator at the same time as us. We all three stepped onto the elevator and the door closed. I pushed the 5th floor button and the guy asked for the 7th. I no more than pushed the button when my wife said remember, don't get mad. And with that she turned to this guy and asked him if he wanted to f*** her right there in front of her husband. He looked at her and without missing a beat said sure, but I don't have a condom. My wife reached in her bra and pulled out a condom. This guy pulled down his pants faster than anyone I had ever seen. My wife then rolled the condom on his d***, turned around, bent over and grabbed the handrail. This stranger then lifted up my wife's dress and pushed his c*** into her p****. He started f****** her as I stood there and watched. The faster he f***** her the more she moaned. We reached our floor and the door opened, but he just keep right on f****** her. As the doors closed my wife reach o***** and let out a scream. Shortly after my wife orgasmed, he shot a load into the condom. As the door opened for his floor he pulled out of my wife, tucked his c*** back in his pants, and stepping off the elevator. Several minutes later my wife and I had the best s** we had ever had.

After we returned home nothing was said about the elevator or who this strange man was. I had always just assumed he was just some random guy who got lucky by being in the right place at the right time. About a year after this happened, my wife's best friend from the city came a visit. She normally stays with her parents and then just makes the rounds to visit. But this time her parents were out of town so she decided to stay with us. On the second morning she was there, my wife slept in so it was just her and I drinking coffee. She noticed that my birthday was coming up and asked me if we had any big plans. I commented no that we hadn't decided yet. That's when she asked me if my wife and I were going to the city again this year to have another round with Jason. I was like Jason who? And what are you talking about? She said you know, last year on the elevator with Jason. I'm like I know the elevator, but who is Jason? She said Jason is my friend that I work with. Your wife met him when she came to visit me last year. I thought you knew who he was?  I said I thought that was just some random guy, and she said no.  Your wife wanted to f*** him when they first met, so we set this whole thing up for you two to meet at the hotel lobby after the club's closed down. Then she was going to take both of you back to the room and f*** you, but they ended up just f****** in the elevator instead. I played it off like I knew, but had just forgotten.

I then started think, and asked my wife's friend how many times she came to visit her in the city that last year. At first she was a bit confused by the question but eventually answered that my wife had come to visit her twice. The funny thing is, she had actually told me she was going to visit her 7 times last year. So I'm assuming that at least 5 times my wife went and stayed with Jason in the city and f***** him.

I quickly changed the subject and got back to what we were doing for my birthday. I asked her if my wife had talked to her yet. Then i said this year was supposed to be another threesome, only it was to be me, my wife, and her. She looked surprised at first, but then said I guess if you want to f***, then I'm game for a threesome. I told her we would let her know when we were ready, and left it at that. Later that day my wife's friend left and went back to the city. I told my wife that I wanted to have a threesome again this year for my birthday. At first she lit up and excitedly said she would make the arrangements. I said great, because I want to have a threesome with your friend that just left. Her face turned from excitement to confusion and then she said I don't think I'm comfortable with you having s** with my friend. I looked at her and said well I'm not comfortable with you continuing to f*** Jason. Not another word was said and a week later I was f****** her best friend as my wife slept on the couch. Every time my wife and I go to the city now, she stays at Jason's apartment and I stay at her best friends place.

Sep 16, 2017

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  • My husband and I have been married for quite a while but we don’t have a good sexual life. Once or twice every three months if at all. I’m not good at dancing but he loves it and is really good at it. The wife of my friend loves to dance with him. One night they were so thoroughly compenetrated they kissed while dancing and both her husband and I saw them. Her husband asked me to dance with him. We didn’t kiss physically but we talked about it. We even talked about s** and the ways we like it, positions, you name it, it was like fantasizing about one another. We also fantasized about my husband with his wife. It was extremely arousing.

  • Fantastic story. read that with one hand on the keyboard and the other ....well you know

  • Wow, not exactly the ideal way to become a swinger. Actually, you're really just in an open relationship since you two aren't really making these plans for mutual, even pleasure. She has a guy on the side and now you have a girl but, wherever works...

  • I enjoyed that story - but it must have been a slow lift.

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